Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan & Charlotte-Letitia on double date while James Tindale & Gaz Beadle move on

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After the craziness that occurred on the last episode of Geordie Shore, the MTV reality TV series returns at 10pm and we can guarantee the same level of drama for all you fans.

To start off with James is STILL pretending that Holly doesn’t exist, while Charlotte decides that it would be a good plan to set the latter up on a date, to help her get over James.

The tension only gets worse when he asks Kate to join him for an evening of fun and Holly gets wind of their date. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, after promising one another that they wouldn’t share every detail of their private lives on the show during this new series, Vicky and Ricci are at loggerheads tonight and they aren’t the only ones screaming and shouting. Scott also loses the plot and it’s up to Holly to find a very interesting way of helping him to calm down.

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As the chaos continues around them Gaz and Charlotte seem to be getting close again for a while but she still organises a double date for herself and Holly and Sophie is left wondering why.

She says: “Every girl likes to get a boy jealous and I can imagine Charlotte is probably doing this to get at Gary and I can imagine is going to work.”

Charlotte admitted herself that she hasn’t been behaving normally and added:

“I don’t know what’s come over us, I’ve never called a boy before. This isn’t like me I’m normally really nervous. It must be because I’m part of the cock capturers now and there’s no room for nervousness.”

Gaz insists that he’s not bothered by her blind date and said:

“Charlotte’s going on a date good luck to her. The further we get away from what happened in Amsterdam the better…”

Are Gaz and Char done and is James really finished with Holly? Find out when Geordie Shore returns to MTV tonight at 10pm!

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