Geordie Shore WILL return for eighth run, but will Charlotte Crosby & Gaz Beadle be back?

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Sooo, Goerdie Shore WILL reportedly return for an eighth run as filming is set to get underway next month. But, the big question is: Who will be returning?

At the moment, it’s all up in the air and we won’t know for sure until filming kicks off next month, but we’re pretty excited about the fact that the show will indeed be back on MTV soon and we’ll be witness to the cast getting mortal all summer…

After every series of the hit show, the cast say that they’re done and that they’re not doing any more series’ of the show, and then it’s reported that the show is indeed back for another run… you just never know where you are with this Geordie lot.

One cast member that we’d love to see return is Charlotte Crosby, but we’re unsure whether she will be back. At the moment, the gobby Geordie is travelling around the world filming her new reality TV show for TLC. If you factor in the filming time and the promo Charlotte will have to do for her new show, you may have the fact the fact that she might not be back.

geordie shore gaz beadle

Another star of the show, Gaz Beadle may also be absent from the show because he’s off to open his own club in Zante this summer, so will that take precedence over Geordie Shore?

Well, maybe not as a source has said that Gaz is trying to free up some time to return to the show as he’s keen to “look better than ever this series,” according to The Mirror.

At the moment, contracts are still being written up for the cast members of the show, along with some newcomers so it’s going to be a few weeks before we find out for sure who is actually returning to the show. But, just take comfort in knowing that she show will be back, and presumably bigger and better than ever…

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  1. neil on March 1, 2014 at 9:50 am

    couldn’t give a toss about gaz.but charlotte said she would be returning.well she better or the show won’t last without her

  2. neil on March 1, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    Charlotte is coming back to Geordie shore.I asked her mum on twitter she said this story is bollocks

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