Marnie Simpson to QUIT Geordie Shore for Lewis Bloor?

by Nick Barnes

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor became a bit of an item following the last series of Celebrity Big Brother in the summer, and it seems as though their relationship is still going strong. However, it looks like Marnie may have to make some compromises to keep her relationship sweet.

It has today been reported that Marnie is gearing up to hand her notice into MTV producers as she is apparently going to quit Geordie Shore for the sake of her relationship.

Speaking to Heat Magazine recently, Lewis himself apparently admitted that if it was up to him, Marnie would not return to the Geordie Shore house because he loves her too much. But, it’s her decision and because he does love her, he will support her whatever choice she makes.



“I would love Marnie to never have to go back to the Geordie Shore house. It’s her choice, though – she’s my girlfriend and I support her,” he told the magazine.

He went on to say that he and Marnie have spoken about how long they want to wait before they start thinking about having a family, and they’ve also spoken about what they want to be doing with the next three or four years of their lives together.

Celebrity Big Brother: Lewis Bloor, Marnie Simpson

Courtesy of Channel 5

“Do we want to be out drinking, or do we want to be building a future?” he said.

Do you think it’s time for Marnie to move away from Geordie Shore, or do you think there’s still plenty of drinking life in her yet? Let us know in the comments, below…

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday evenings at 10pm on MTV.

Nick Barnes

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