I’m A Celebrity 2009, Day 14 Liveblogged!

by Gerard McGarry

I'm A Celebrity logoAnd after the X-Citement of X Factor, we zoom to the Aussie outback for what promises to be a bitchy evening. Form the preview clips at the start of the show, it looks like the natives are restless. Yes, I used a hackneyed old phrase!

Jungle Jail is the theme of the evening. We’ll have more of that later though, no doubt.

Oh, it’s like going back in time – this is all prior to last night’s eviction. We get to watch Sam get evicted all over again. The fallout from this? Sabrina thinks Kim wanted her to get booted. Kim looks a little crestfallen, while Jimmy seems to have suddenly realised that he’s taking part in a competition.

George Hamilton warns us of tension within the camp. Meanwhile, Joe implies that he wouldn’t bother with any of his campmates outside of the show. “I wouldn’t take any of them home…” he mutters.

Yeah, there’s a little bit of angst in the camp about who’ll stay and who’ll go. Stuart seems to be feeling small, like he can’t compete with the like of Gino and Jimmy. He confides in the Bush Telegraph that he’s kind of holding back in the camp. George mentions something similar, but hints that Stuart and Gino might have a bit of tension to work out.

Moving on, Justin offers to do the next task, and nobody stops him. Anyone think his shorts are a bit OTT? The task is called Great Barrier Grief, involving the same perspex tank we’ve seen with Katie Price. Justin has to get into a submerged tank which has a small pocket of air inside. He has to retrieve the stars from inside while surrounded in fishy things.

A very excitable Justin smacks his nose into the side of the tank, and the task has to be stopped to give him medical attention. He’s given himself quite a nasty cut, but spunky I mean plucky Justin is raring to go right back in. I love this guy, definitely one of the campmates I’d buy a pint for.

I think the guys constantly telling him how much time is remaining is quite offputting. He’s made it through two of the tanks and goes into the third. He has to remove stars from those windy bits of wires like you find at doctor’s surgeries. He’s really pleased for himself, as blood runs down his nose. We love Justin! Well done!

Celebrity Chest

Joe and Gino end up doing the celebrity chest task tonight. Gino, not particularly mindful of his street cred, puts on a chicken costume for the task. They have to drop eggs into a basket using a swing and winch mechanism. And the nest is tiny.

The cool thing about the celebrity chests is that they’re not particularly time limited. And there seem to be quite a few eggs in reserve. Once Gino works out the knack of the eggs, they finish it quite quickly. Joe gets pissed off carrying the chest and drops it as they come back into camp. Grumpy old Bugner.

The question they have to answer is where Kim’s co-presenter Aggie was born. And just like Justin’s question last night, they get it totally wrong. Bugner bugs out and really loses his temper. I reckon cabin fever’s getting to him – stuck in that camp with literally nobody on the same level as him!

Sexual Tension…

Stuart and Sabrina share an intimate chat. Stuart tells her that she gave him goosebumps the first time he saw her. They even agree that they each want five kids. Aww, dude, make some babies Stubrina! Stuart is literally frothing at the mouth when he talks about her in the Bush Telegraph.

…and Speed Dating

They set it up so that all of the campmates have to have a speeddating session with George Hamilton. Bugner doesn’t put much effort into it, while Justin comes on really strong with him. Gino and Jimmy make some good efforts to woo George while Kim just lies back on the bed for him.

Even though it looks like Kim has it won, George crowns Bugner the winner for just straight asking for sex. OK then…

Jungle Jail

Stuart is a possiblity straight off. And everybody else gets through, except Joe Bugner. That means both get sent to Jungle Jail, meaning Joe and Stuart are in a personality face-off. The camp mates are having trouble understanding the rules, and so am I. But I figure Stuart is safe enough in a popularity contest with Joe!

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