I’m A Celebrity 2009: interview with Camilla Dallerup

by Lisa McGarry


Dancer, teacher and model Camilla Dallerup is planning on using her skills on the dance floor to entertain her fellow camp mates.

The Danish born dancer, best known for her regular appearance on Strictly Come Dancing is even hoping she may be able to challenge the other celebrities to their own dancing competition.

She says: “I definitely think dancing may need to be brought to the camp-fire. I think that we will need some entertainment and exercise when we are out there, so as not get too bored. I just hope they are up for a dance.

“If the other team-mates are up for it, I think it could be great to have a competition. We could have a goal together, sort of a bit of team building. You do a lot of team building anyway using dance, and it could be quite fun to see if it could help, especially if we have a bad day or something, a bit of dancing could bring us back and have a laugh.”

Whilst often seen in revealing costumes, the ballroom star admits that it’s her love of food that may cause her problems in the jungle – if she has to go without, it will be more murder on the jungle floor than dance floor.

She adds: “The thing that people don’t know about me is that I love my food. I eat quite a lot…and I think that because I’m obviously used to running around or dancing; burning it off, I don’t know how I will feel having a small ration of food.

“I’m constantly hungry and I am someone who really likes my food, at least three times a day, three proper meals and having the same meal over and over again, that does really worry me. The thing is, if I get a bit hungry, I might get a bit snappy. I think that if you are not eating well or sleeping well, it can be difficult.

“I will miss all the lush things that one eats all day, every day, things like lattes, cappuccinos and chocolate bars and crisps and all the naughty stuff. The thought of not being able to have a cup of coffee is really freaking me out. It is so basic, it is ridiculous to say that, but I think I will miss my one latte a day.”

The chorographer maybe able to cook up a storm with her show stopping routines but Camilla admits that she lacks any skills in the kitchen. Waltzing off with last year’s trophy for the BBC1 show with actor Tom Chambers and creating a sizzling rumba for the movie Everything To Dance For, Camilla is hoping that the duty of camp chef won’t fall at her feet.

She laughs: “I don’t want to be the cook. I will not be the cook. I cannot cook and I think that I need to apologise now, because I think I would burn all the food and that would mean no rations for that day. I might just have to ask if I can do the dishes, because seriously, the food could be in danger… I could burn salad.

“I think the meal you are going to be given out there are going to taste completely different, maybe you appreciate things. I always thought that I’m not addicted to chocolate or coffee or things, but maybe I am.”

Competing professionally since 2000 with former dance partner Brendon Cole, Camilla reveals whilst she is hoping that the jungle experience will allow the viewers to see a different side of her, she’s not looking forward to being on TV without her make-up.

She says: “I don’t know if I will feel competitive, because the whole part of being in the jungle is that you have got to work as a team… I am hoping that I will find some inner strength when I am out there, but right now, there is a lot of fear. Because, I’m the one always in control of the situation…but this time round, it is someone else, you don’t know what to expect.

“I think that obviously it would be nice to show the audience out there that there is a different side to Camilla and that I’m not all glitz and glamour…I’m fine not wearing make-up when no one has to see me, but to be on screen in front of everyone. I’m used to having all the glamorous hair and dresses and make-up, but well they are going to see me and they are either going to love it or hate it.”

The dancing star may be gearing up to be stripped of all her luxuries; she admits that she has no plans to be the first female celebrity to bath naked in the jungle. “Myleene Klass looked fantastic and I think she did come across so lovely on the show. I think it is important to get a bikini because I certainly will not be showering naked. I shall find one that doesn’t fall down when you’re showering. But, I have heard that the water is quite cold.

“There is no make-up, there is no glitz, and you are what you are, so slightly naked. You are stripped to your bare essentials, you have nothing around you. I probably can’t even wear my engagement ring. I think it is safer to leave it at home. That will feel weird.”

Having grown up in Denmark which she admits is ‘clean and sterile’ Camilla is hoping her time in the jungle will help overcome her fear of creepy crawlies – and eventually be able to go to festivals with fiancée, actor Kevin Sacre.

She adds: “I just really don’t like any creepy crawlies. I used to travel a lot in Australia and New Zealand and I always thought how lovely it would be to grow up in a country like Australia and be used to having snakes in the back garden and poisonous spiders and not be scared.

Kevin keeps saying to me, ‘Shall we go to a festival and we will do the whole tent thing?’ And I’m like, ‘but we could also have a caravan’ And he says, “No honey, that’s not the real festival way’. I did say to him that with this experience I could do the festival and the tent. Glastonbury, here we come.”

Lisa McGarry

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