I’m A Celebrity 2009: interview with Kim Woodburn

by Lisa McGarry


How Clean Is Your House? star Kim Woodburn is unfazed about her impending trip to the jungle after experiencing far worse places in her hit TV show. The former cleaner even admits she will clean out the dreaded ‘dunny’.

Kim says: “I have to say to you that the jungle cannot be as dirty as some of the houses I have been in. Bless their souls, but they are dreadful. There have been so many bad ones that I have seen in my six years.

“I don’t mind changing the toilet every day; it doesn’t bother me in the least. I have put my hands on faeces in houses and there is none of that with the camp toilet. I’ve seen them do it – unscrew, take the lid off, slam it down as quickly as you can, and put the fresh one in. It is not hard labour. It doesn’t bother me – it’s poo and pee.”

Having revealed a dislike for ‘untidy people’ the presenter admits that she may follow Carol Thatcher’s lead with her own ‘pee-gate’ scandal.

She says: “I liked Carol Thatcher; I thought she was a hoot. And when she peed over the side of the bed – I think I would be peeing over the side. I’m not getting out of bed at night in the dark with spiders dragging my knickers off. There could be anything out there. I’m going to pee wherever I can. If anyone has a go at me I will say I’m peeing on my own side, not theirs. Come on, when you are lying there you are obviously worrying if there is a bug crawling up your bum or something; I’m not being funny.”

She may well take issue with anyone she sees slacking on the neat and tidy front.

She says: “I dislike untidy people. I mean, why I’m going in, I don’t know. Untidiness and the place being like a pig-sty – this is why the experience is a massive challenge to me, no doubt about that at all. I’m giving it a go, it will kill me or cure me, and my career could be finished.

“The hardest part for me I think is not going to be able to keep myself clean. But you’ve got water, got the pond, and you’ve got to get your head round it as you have no choice. Everybody else is in it with you. We have all got to sit in cold water. It’s not exactly the end of the world.”

Kim has been fearless when it comes to tackling the unsavoury sights in other people’s homes during her six years on ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ She admits she won’t be nearly as brave in the jungle, however.

She says: “Heights – that’s the worst thing for me. I don’t like snakes or spiders either but if someone said, ‘Will you walk on a tightrope or fly from the tree like Tarzan’s missus? Or, will you go in with your hand and get that star with the snake?’ I would hate the snake but at least I’d be on the ground.

“On ‘How Clean’ we have found rats in houses but they run past you and just keep going. We’ve found dead mice in drawers, which is horrible. I guess we will have to touch these sorts of things now. If I had to do it because I had to feed the team I think there is enough common decency in me, because I would want to feed them.

“My father was frightened of water, I don’t know why, and I’m very frightened of water, always have been. I never learned to swim because of my fear. I will go in a bathing pool up to my waist if I can see the bottom and it’s not deep.”

Having faced strangers’ dirty kitchens and toilets armed only with a pair of marigolds and a toilet brush, it’s the thought of a Bushtucker Trial which is proving a more daunting task for Kim.

She says: “I wouldn’t want to eat bugs, I don’t think I could do that. When they put someone into a dark cave and they are feeling around I wouldn’t be too keen on that. I’m going to get that one now. But with that exception, I think I’m going to manage – famous last words.”

Having spent her career creating the perfect habitat for some of Beverly Hills’ wealthiest residents, Kim is hoping to bring her nurturing skills to bear on some of the other celebrities in the jungle. She says: “I’m very motherly, I do like young people. If I can help them at all and help get us through this, if they want to come to me, I’ll do the best I can. Oh that will be lovely – that’s what older people are there for. They have stuck us all together in this small environment; you can pick your friends but you can’t pick these people. I hope nobody is going to be a misery chops. None of us are going to think it is wonderful, are we?

“I’m hoping we will work as a team. It’s jolly hard but we are all stuck there so let’s try and make the best of what we can and see the better side and not the rotten side, because otherwise we won’t survive will we? There again, you’re not going to die are you? So, whatever you think is disgusting, repulsive and vile, you just need to realise they wouldn’t put you in massive danger. I hope that thought is going to keep me going when I put my hand in something vile.

“I think it is going to be a tense time in there, we’re living in the most shocking conditions, and you have got to try and get a chuckle out of it to keep you going sometimes in the most dire situations. We have got to make the most of a rotten job.”

Kim’s ‘How clean is your house?’ co-star Aggie Mackenzie, who appeared on Dancing On Ice in 2008, thinks she is ‘nuts’ and has ‘flipped a cork’ to be heading into the jungle. But Kim jokes, “I couldn’t be as bad as she was with the skating.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!