I’m A Celebrity 2009: interview with Sabrina Washington

by Lisa McGarry

sabrina washington

London born singer, Sabrina Washington has revealed that her family think it’s hysterical she is going into the jungle but are also worried about how she will deal with the spiders and the unusual food.

She admits: “When I told my mum, she just laughed herself to tears. My family are worried about how I’m going to react to spiders and they are obviously worried because I am quite picky about what I eat. So if I get I get one of the Bushtucker Trials, to eat something different will be hard as I’m very particular. I’m going to have to blank it out and think I’m eating McDonalds.”

Recalling the ice-cream van challenge Joe Swash and Nicola McLean faced in the last series Sabrina says that she is dreading the eating trials.

She says: “Nicola was really good with it because she just got on with it. But there was one that she refused and that Joe got and they were the big grubs. That has sickened me. I would be sick in my mouth. I thought we would be getting normal meat but I have been told we have like crocodile’s foot and weird things.”

She also reveals that she is not looking forward to dirty conditions in the jungle. “I don’t mind the dirt as long as everybody washes everyday. I’m quite a neat-freak so I’d like all my things to be really neat. I will help everyone keep the campsite really neat, everything that’s meant to be clean, clean.”

Sabrina plans to stay calm if there are any arguments in camp and confront people if they upset her. “I am quite a calm person and it does take quite a lot to rattle me, but I am straight-talking. So, if I have a problem, I will say, ‘This is what I have on my mind’. I prefer to talk to the person about it instead of talking to another person about it. In such a small space, you don’t want to be building up any atmosphere or animosity between people, because this is where you live and are spending most of your day. So, I think it is better for everyone to air their thoughts and get on with it.”

Sabrina admits that she has never been camping before and that the cold makes her grumpy.

She says: “It is going to be a completely new experience for me because I love my bed and I like heat. I’m most probably the only person in the world who keeps their heating on full pelt in the summer, because I’m always cold. So, this might be where I’m miserable, if it gets rainy and cold at night.”

She reveals a fear of heights and that she hates travelling by plane, so entering the jungle by skydiving or bungee jumping will be a huge challenge for her. “I hate heights. I hate planes. I think I’m quite a control freak as they say that people who don’t like flying are control freaks and on a plane there is just no control at all. I saw that in one of the episodes they had to sky-dive from a plane. All I can say is sorry to the person below me because I would pee my pants on the way down. That’s what I’d say, just as a bit of warning”, she jokes.

“I have never done anything like this before, so it is kind of conquering all of my fears at one time, spiders, heights, everything at one time and after I do this, I can do anything.”

Sabrina says she is going to miss food and make up the most when she is in the jungle. “I love my food, I love snacks, like crisps, chocolate and that’s what I’m going to miss the most. I’ll snack all day, me. I’ll miss my make up, I’ll miss my lip-gloss, I’ll miss clothes in general. ”

She admits that we are likely to see her showering under the waterfall. “Most probably, yes, I’m going to be packing my bikinis.”

Sabrina says that her family have given her some advice and that she is also going to instigate some ‘round the campfire’ sing-a-longs. “My family have just said, “Be yourself, take every challenge and just enjoy it and make the most of it. I’ll definitely instigate some songs, some dancing, you have to entertain yourself. You can’t just sit down so there will definitely be some sing-songs and some dancing around the campfire.”

She is a strong believer in having fun in the camp, to repel against boredom which would eventually lead to inevitable arguments. “I hope I can bring some fun to the camp. I think everybody has to go in there and live each day, have fun because it is a once in a lifetime experience. You are never going to be able to do something like this again so I just hope everyone can just enjoy it and get along.”

Finally, Sabrina admits that her record company have no idea that she is going into the jungle. “I am signed to a record company. They don’t know I’m coming in here and it’s a bit of a surprise for them. No one knows and it is really hard, because yesterday when I tried on my jungle outfit, you just so want to tell everybody. I’m so excited. The only person I have told is my mum.”

Lisa McGarry

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