I’m a Celebrity 2009: interview with Sam Fox

by Lisa McGarry


Sam Fox is hoping her love of all things outdoors and a willingness to tackle the most challenging of physical trials will come in handy in the jungle.

She says: “I’m not scared of much. I love all the high-wire stuff. I’ve done a lot of boot camps, a lot of mountain climbing, coasteering and stuff, so I’m really into that kind of outdoor way of life.”

The former glamour model admits she’s not so brave, though, when it comes to mice, bugs, wasps, or creepy-crawlies of any description.

She adds: “When there’s a spider in the house or my cat brings a baby rat or something in it’s just the end of the world, I have to call somebody. Two women live in the house, so you can imagine – ‘Help’.

“I’m going to do my best to conquer my fears in the jungle. I’ll just keep saying to myself that nothing is going to kill me.

“I would love to be able to come home from the jungle and Myra, my partner, say to me: ‘Sam there’s a dead rat in the kitchen, or the biggest spider – can you get it?’ I’ll feel really proud of myself if I do.”

Coping with basic facilities in the jungle camp doesn’t worry her at all.

“My favourite holiday is once a year I go off with a backpack to the Far East and don’t book any hotels, just go to islands I fancy, get a map, stay in huts on the beach with no electricity, no hot water, and after a few days if I fancy a bit of five star treatment I get on a boat and go and find it.

“To be honest I really enjoy it because it’s totally different to what I do almost every day in my life, which is a lot of glamour, luxury, first class travel, any food I want. That’s part of being in show business and you can get spoilt but I will say it’s never gone to my head. I still feel like a working class girl from the East End.”

She has been doing everything she can to prepare her body for camp rations. “Obviously the food issue is going to be a problem but I’ve given up caffeine, not having any dairy. I’m also eating smaller portions so that my stomach stays small, not eating any wheat, and no sugar, because I’m not going to get any of that in the jungle. The low sugar thing is really bad, it can make people ratty, not able to sleep, all kinds of things, so I’ve been trying to get my body into that vibe.”

Sam loves working out and staying in shape and she plans to stick to her fitness regime in the jungle. “I’ve been told the boredom is one of the big issues for a lot of people and I know what I like, I love to be doing things. I’ll be one of those people getting everybody up and doing something, whether its games, sport, getting people to do some sit-ups or boxing training, If people want to get fit they can do that with me. If you see me lifting logs I’ll be working on my biceps.

“Of course you’ll see me under the waterfall in my bikini. I’m really proud of my body. Because I do a lot of concerts I’m constantly going to the gym, I work out a lot and look after myself. I’m a 43- year-old woman and everything’s natural about me, which I’m really proud to say, and I just want to show women in their 40s that we can still look great.”

Sam hopes she will be sharing the camp with a good bunch of people and intends to stay out of any squabbles if she can. “If there are any terrible arguments I’ll just go off and have a little run round the camp and do a few sit-ups. I can stick up for myself, course I can, but I hope it’s a good team in there and we can all look after each other.”

In recent years Sam’s singing career has taken her all over the world and she has notched up sales of 30 million albums worldwide. The only downside is that touring has kept her away from the UK for long spells at a time.

“I’m a Celebrity …Get Me Out Of Here! is my favourite show in the world and I think it will just be a great comeback for me. “There’s a lot more to me than a pair of boobs – you don’t survive in this business for 26 years just because you’ve got a great pair of boobs.”

She has had one brief taste of life under canvas but nothing to compare with the jungle conditions. “About 15 years ago in Spain my cousin took me to the most beautiful lakes and we camped for two nights and it was fantastic. We bought rabbit from the supermarket, had to skin it ourselves, made a fire, and a big rabbit stew with a bottle of red wine in it, and sat chatting, looking at the stars. In the morning we had a wash in the river. I absolutely loved it. I’ve never done anything like this jungle trip, though.”

When it comes to what she will miss most her partner, Myra, and her mum top the list. “They would be my luxury items, not being able to speak to my loved one or my mum and my family will be the hardest thing. Deep down I’m still a little girl. I’ll miss a nice hot bath.

“My sister’s about to have a baby, due the beginning of December, but she started having contractions – I think it was shock of finding out I’m going in the jungle. So that would be a nice message if I’m in there when her little one comes.

“My worst fear is if my bed’s next to somebody who really snores loud all night long. Maybe I’ll go and clap very loudly in their ear hole but what can you do? That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

“I’m going to see a side of me I’ve probably never seen before, all those little habits I’ve got I never knew I had … hopefully not burping and things like that. I suppose I definitely will get bored of eating rice and beans, that’s why I’ve got to fight my fears and do the trials to win food for the camp. For me, when there’s a reason behind something – like you’ve got to do this to feed everybody – that will help me immensely.

“The worst trial for me would be having that helmet put on when they’re pouring in different creatures and there’s things going up your nostrils and in your ear holes because you can’t use your hands to flick them away. I’m a little bit claustrophobic as well so I think that would be the worst.

“With the eating trials, it’s funny, watching Matt Willis chewing the kangaroo bum. I’d rather eat something smaller and not so chewy so it can be swallowed quickly. I’m quite scared of all that chewing – I might be doing plenty of gagging.

“When we’re in camp moaning about the weather or the food or not sleeping – or me moaning about the snoring – what I’m going to be saying to myself is look what’s going on in the world. What about all our boys in Afghanistan?

“If there is someone in there who is a bit of a five-star diva I’ll lay it down, ‘Look this is an experience in your life you’ll never have again so enjoy it and embrace it’, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!