I’m A Celebrity 2010: Linford Christie wants some ‘me time’

by Lisa McGarry

Linford Christie has admitted that he wants to have a bit of a break and some time for himself during his time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

The former Olympic runner runs his own sports management company and helps coach other athletes. On why he decided to sign up for the ITV reality TV show he admitted:

“I have spent years since I retired doing things for everyone else,” he adds. “I am always coaching. I grew up in Jamaica and we played with insects. I don’t do that anymore and I haven’t been camping in my life either. It would be nice to pick up some tips! This is going to be a challenge for me and it will be an experience. This is very much ‘me’ time.

“I don’t know if I have got any phobias, but I will soon find out!”

Although he isn’t scared of the bugs and creepy crawlies, Christie admits that the thought of eating testicles fills him with horror.

“I am not sure about the testicle thing,” he confides. “I am a guy. I don’t eat testicles. But you do have to pull your weight and if it means you won’t eat, you will have to do things you don’t want to do.”

He says he will be over the moon if he makes his kids laugh.

“They don’t actually know I am doing this yet but whenever they watch the programme, they tell me to go on so they can laugh,” he says. “I am sure they will think it is cool and they can laugh at my expense. If they laugh, it means I have done well.”

And he is dreading being cut off from his kids for such an extended time. “I used to go away for months when I was competing but I could talk to them on Skype or on the phone,” he adds. “In the jungle I won’t be able to and I will miss my kids the most of course.”

Lisa McGarry

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