I’m A Celebrity 2012: Helen Flanagan has Twitter meltdown after gun photo backlash – time to give Helen a break? I think so…

by Lynn Rowlands

As we reported yesterday, former I’m A Celebrity and Corrie star Helen Flanagan received a good deal of criticism for posting a picture of herself on Twitter that showed her holding a gun to her head.

And of course, in the wake of the Connecticut massacre in which 20 children died, the image was ill-timed at best.

A parent from Newtown, where the tragic incident occurred, branded Helen’s posting of the picture “brainless stupidity” and many others agreed.

However, Helen was furious at the implication that the photograph – which was originally posted in October then re-posted on Monday – was in some form deliberately intended to cause a furore…

She took to Twitter to say, “I am absolutely disgusted in this. Completely cruel. I will absolutely NOT stand for this kind of bullying.

“Anyone who knows me knows I have the biggest heart…. I feel really chocked up that’s so cruel.” (sic)

She continued, “Honestly I’ve got tears streaming down my face how can you do that to someone over something so tragic #feelsick can’t believe I woke up to that.”

The Daily Mirror adds, “Shortly after posting the snap, Helen realised that people were offended by the picture and took it down, but she is yet to apologise.”


Instead, she tweeted, “I’ve just been crying to my bf before he left for work….

“Now I am just absolutely livid. I am really worried about my mum.”

As I said in my article yesterday, I don’t believe for a moment that Helen had any idea what the ramifications of posting that picture would be, and I certainly don’t think she posted it on purpose…

I suspect it simply didn’t occur to her that it would in any way be mentioned in the same breath as the horrible events in Connecticut.

I think we need to give this girl a break, because she clearly and evidently is not a malicious person. Anyone who’s watched her on I’m A Celeb will know that.

And of course, she faced ‘backlash’ stories during and after her time on I’m A Celeb, and yes, the photograph in question was of course ever likely to upset someone – even without the terrible events in Newtown – but again, I really don’t think there was any malice aforethought, or indeed any aforethought about Helen’s posting of the image.

What say you?

For now, here’s a reminder of Helen’s pre-I’m A Celeb appearance…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.