I’m A Celebrity 2012 Highlights – Ashley Roberts’ sexy shower scenes & Helen Flanagan’s trials – but it’s time to send Made In Chelsea’s Hugo Taylor home!

by Lisa McGarry

By Max King (guest blogger)

Okay campmates, it’s time to look at our highlights and lowlights of the past week on I’m A Celebrity. There’s been so much going on and it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a week, so we’ve really had to struggle to narrow this list down a bit to 3 of each.

Highlight – Ashley Roberts’ shower scenes. Now to keep this short (it’s a family blog people!) what male viewer hasn’t enjoyed these? Move over Myleene Klass there is a new queen of the waterfall. There was a competition earlier in the week, a shower off, between Ashley and Helen, and while Helen did well Ashley won easily. Santa if you are reading this post, Ashley’s calendar is on my list this Christmas!

Lowlight – Hugo Taylor’s tantrums. What has this boy done other than bitch and whine? He clearly didn’t like Nadines comments about arrogant posh boys, (maybe she hit a nerve) and has moaned about every word Nadine speaks since. He cries over the simplest of things, I’ve never known someone cry so much, even Gillian McKeith has written in telling Hugo to man up! If his parents really paid 11k a term, (3 terms a year for 7 years) then they really need to ask for their money back. 231K has been wasted as this boy shows no intelligence at all.

Highlight – Helen Flanagan in the trials. I was unsure whether to make this a highlight or a lowlight. Basically she’s a disaster. I’ve been watching since the first series and I’ve never seen anyone do five trials and come back with a total of 0 meals in all of them. She is TV gold if only for the fact that the other campers must be starving.

I laugh every time she does a trial although I suppose the other celebs do not. She’s now resorted to not even giving them a try (rat race) and must really be winding the producers up, as their hard work planning these trials is going down the drain. I love her for this.

Lowlight – Brian Conley interfering. I’ve not warmed to this man! When has a comedian ever been so unfunny? Helen and Colin make much funnier comments and yet neither have comic experience. I also disliked the way he was having a go at Rosemary making out the whole camp was angry at her, when no one had even noticed her supposed crime. Even the victim didn’t mind or care, as she was only expressing an opinion. I didn’t know disliking boxing was a capital offence Brian; I should have been locked up long ago if this is the case.

Highlight – Colin rapping. The task to win a pass to the jungle arms is one of my favourites of all time. I could listen to that rap all day; it was both funny, entertaining and I hope you will agree, original! He didn’t have a great voice, and he didn’t seem to make much sense, but that didn’t stop him. His rap was a highlight of the series so far for me. He definitely could teach Tulisa a lesson or two about his urban roots.

Lowlight – David Hayes comments. I started off liking David Hayes. I liked the can do spirit and his encouragement of Hugo in the trials they opposed each other in. But I’ve began to dislike some of his personal comments towards other members of the camp. Such as refusing to allow Charlie Brooks -who is already conscious about her figure – to compete in the shower off, and how he was making fun of Rosemary’s weight when she was going down the slide, saying they needed to butter her up because of her thighs etc. David may be a boxing champ, but I’d love to referee a fight between him and Rosemary, the no nonsense chef would clean his clock.

Well that’s it for this week dear readers. Do you agree? What ones have I missed out/ got wrong? Is Nadine’s get on with it attitude to the trials winning you over, or does her attempts at comforting wind you up? Is Eric Bristow boring you to tears a lowlight? Is there a comic gem I’ve missed? Let me know, below! 🙂

Lisa McGarry

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