I’m A Celebrity: all the camp mates search for celebrity chest

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Today the celebrities all took part in the Celebrity Chest which was called ‘Screwballed’. Unlike previous Celebrity Chest’s this time they were all playing and would earn tokens which could be exchanged for treats.

In pairs, they had to transport the red ball from one end of the cage into the tube at the other end using the wooden poles provided. If they successfully deposit the ball in the tube they will be able to collect a token.

They had twenty minutes, to get collect the three tokens. Only one team would be able to compete at one time. A klaxon will sound every five minutes and there would be five klaxons in total.

When the first pair of celebrities have won and collected their token they must return to camp to allow the next pair to leave. The first celebrity to arrive back in camp must ‘tag’ the next celebrity pair who could then set off.

Celebrities were able to exchange their tokens for any of the following items:

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Bottle of Champagne, Packet of Biscuits, Packet of Crisps, Packet of Sweets, Chocolate Bar, Marshmallows, Tin of Baked Beans, Salt, Pepper, Chilli Powder and Mixed Herbs.

The group discussed what the treats they would choose and decided that if they got all three tokens they would choose Baked Beans then Salt and finally a treat.

The teams were, Jimmy and Kim, Justin and Gino, Stuart and Sabrina. Kim and Jimmy were the first pair to attempt the task. Unable to keep the ball on the sticks they gave up after the first klaxon sounded and Kim said, “I think we are utterly stupid people.

Next up were Sabrina and Stuart, are a shaky start they narrowly missed out on a token and headed back to camp after the second Klaxon, which indicated ten minutes had gone by.

They passed to Justin and Gino. Gino had a strategy and directed Justin throughout the course. Keeping their cool, the pair managed to navigate the ball into the tube winning the first token for camp. Running back to camp, Justin shouted “Gino and Justin extraordinaire.”

With five minutes left, Sabrina and Stuart opted to try and win a second token. Following Justin and Gino’s lead they successfully got the ball into the tube and made it back to camp seconds before the final Klaxon struck.

The camp had won two tokens which they exchanged for Baked Beans and Salt.

Gino informed the camp that the “salt is going to help tonight’s dinner and the baked beans is going to be tomorrow lunch.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!