I’m A Celebrity camp mates play ‘Whose Headline Is It Anyway?’

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The I’m A Celebrity camp mates found themselves in the news when they were given today’s quiz. Provided with a selection of headlines that have been written about the show since they entered the jungle, they had to work together to guess the names that completed each headline.

Gino took charge and read out each headline. The first one was ‘blank is cooking up a storm in the jungle’ and they all immediately guessed Gino which was the correct answer.

Next up was ‘blank I’ll get my kit off for dirty mags’. They all correctly guessed Kim, but she replied, “that was me but I didn’t mean it”. Jimmy then joked “Hugh Heffner will be at the airport.”

The camp mates then had to guess, ‘Blank couldn’t stop flashing at us’. Kim suggested Katie and whilst the others disagreed they went for Katie but the correct answer was Gino. A shocked Gino said, “when did I flash anything?” but Kim argued, “well you keep touching your privates.”

Gino then read out the next headline, ‘birdman blank fowls it up!’ The camp mates guess Gino after he came back into camp dressed as a turkey. Gino was unsure what the headline meant, but Kim added “You’ve got a filthy mouth. I warned you about this.”

The next headline was ‘blank at her breast.’ Kim said “Gino at my breast when you had your head on my breast. But Gino disagreed and said Kim which was the correct answer. Gino told a shocked Kim “[its] because you always do that,” and he made a motion with his hands that implied she touches her breasts, adding: “To jump up and down. You used your knockers.” But Kim retaliated saying that Gino is often touching his private area.

Kim was then shocked to find she was also the name on the headline, ‘blank on the razzle’ and said “I’ve never been on the razzle in my entire life.”

Next up was ‘Watch out, blank horny as hell!’ Kim guessed Gino which was the right answer and said, “you’re like a beast on heat.” And then added, “You’re getting a very bad name, over sexed and under nourished. Sexually harassing a woman of my age you should be slapped in the mouth.”

The camp mates then correctly guessed that Jimmy was the missing name in the headline ‘blank snookered by early horse trial.’

After they completed the quiz the conversation centred on Kim and the headline ‘I’ll get my kit ff for dirty mags’ but she addressed her camp mates and said “I’d never do such a thing. I know what I should do and I have never ever splayed myself.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!