I’m A Celebrity: camp mates speed date George Hamilton

by Lisa McGarry


Yesterday, all the I’m A Celebrity camp mates were asked to speed date George Hamilton, who then chose his favourite date.

Joe was first to visit George in his caravan and was asked by the Hollywood star if he had come to see him or to take him out. Joe said: “I’m a cheapskate; you have to take me out. I want to know how much money you have, I want a rich bloke.”

When George suggested Joe used a little charm, he replied: “I’m charming by being here, I”m very attractive, we could go out and hold hands.”

“That would be bone crushing,” said George.

Joe used his charms: “I’ll show you a bloody good time because at the end of the day I like a bit of sex but if you are a rough sort I want nothing to do with you,”

George replied:” Oh Jesus Christ!”

Next in was Justin bearing roses and his chat up line went: “I am potentially more woman than you could have but you are more man than I’ve ever had, you’re a very handsome man, so together we could make sweet music together.”

George admitted that he found him attractive except for the nose thing. “You need to work on that.”

Sporting a tie and feeling nervous before his date, Gino offered to cook for George and take him to a restaurant.

Jimmy walked in the caravan and said: “I paid $25 at the door and they said there was a beautiful girl in here, so what’s a beauty like you doing speed dating?

George asked Stuart if he liked older women, “Yes, 70 is a perfect age,” he replied.

After all the celebrities had dated, George declared it was one of the best nights he’d had. “Joe was direct and to the point, the only thing is you asked me to pay and said that you were cheap and that’s not the way to my heart. Justin, there was a hot steamy effect in the air, but you were pleading for sex with a broken nose, I was charmed but I have to think about this.

“Jimmy made me laugh more than anyone, he has a beguiling charm, he’s to the point, he had Joe’s bluntness and I thought he wanted some action or he would take the twenty five back, at that time I couldn’t do it.

“Sabrina was alluring, I almost asked her to stay beyond the egg timer, everything you said was charming and she made an older man feel younger, so I’m going to call tonight for some extra Viagra for my hair! I was totally charmed by you.

“Gino brought a whole new thing, he wore a tie, he talked about his family and cooking, and he wanted to come to my house and cook, I loved that idea, I asked about a chaperone and he said no, he wanted to get to know me, he had perfect manners but I knew he had different intent.

“Stuart had every manner and charm but an old world style, I thought that’s the kind of guy I would want to be if I was dating me.

“When Kim came in, she had a style about her, she had this wonderful demure smile, elegant entrance, I gave her a flower and I said to her are you comfortable, and she lay back on the camper, she did it with such grace, it was almost like she lived there.

“I have to say that after tonight, the one I would like to be with most is Joe. You were to the point and honest. You were to the point and charming, there was a certain directness.”

Joe flattered by being chosen replied: “Well what time are we turning in?”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!