I’m A Celebrity: camp mates stage revolt over miserly cream tea!

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On tonight’s I’m A Celebrity, the five remaining stars threw down their microphones in rage, confronted producers and threatened a mutiny over a couple of scones.

The furious five were given three scones with jam and cream as a treat for getting the celebrity chest question correct but were incensed they didn’t have a whole one each and that they were served without tea.

Gino led the revolt by storming into the Bush Telegraph: “We won a cream tea, this is my ultimatum: I want five scones with jam and cream and I want tea. If I don’t get that I will convince everybody to take the mike off and don’t come here till the end of the day and you know I have the power to do that. I will give you ten minutes to get five scones and five teas down here.”

Back at camp he said: “This is taking the Mick, we won it fair and square and in ten minutes we take mikes off and put them in a bag.”

With her hair in a turban, Kim and Justin then burst into the Bush Telegraph and repeated the demands.

Kim fumed: “We’re throwing our mikes down all of us. I’ll tell you why I’m damned angry, I play the game here, I do as I’m told, I don’t break rules. Three scones is not a cream tea, we’re putting our mikes down and we’re not putting them on again until we get what we want. You are making monkeys out of us and I will not allow you to do this.”

Whilst in the Telegraph Kim was told that producers were not making monkeys out of them.

“Stop it,” Kim demanded. “You are really getting me angry. You don’t go to any restaurant over the whole wide world and they say here’s five for cream tea, share three scones. Don’t be ridiculous, you are being ridiculous well so are we. We want five big scones, plenty of cream and plenty of jam with lots of tea, milk and sugar so we can have a second cup if we want. If we don’t get it we don’t play ball.”

Justin added: “Kim and Jimmy have been to feathered hell and back today and they’ve been on their chest trial and did well and for only the second time we’ve managed to get chest questions right and Jimmy feels very strongly about this and we’ve decided to back him.”

With that Justin and Kim waltzed out of the Bush Telegraph and the lady famous for her skill with a feather duster said to the other celebrities: “Don’t start with me, you’ll rather confront a grizzly bear with haemorrhoids. I’m a woman of my word, don’t make a monkey out of me, you are picking on the wrong woman. We’re celebrities – we’re famous!”

“This is scone warfare,” added Justin as the celebrities took off their radios and put them down on a bed.

Eventually, producers told the celebrities that as a result of them failing on so many Celebrity Chest questions, foods are not normally negotiable but they could have a scone each and tea on this one occasion.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!