I’m A Celebrity: Camp split in two!

by Lisa McGarry

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On tonight’s I’m A Celebrity the campmates were told that they would be split into two teams and have to take part in a bush battle for Base Camp.

The winning team would be excluded from the first vote off and live in the relative luxury of base camp. The losing team would be set to live in Exile and over the next few days will have to compete in Bush Battles. The winner of each day’s Bush Battle would have immunity from the first vote off and will return to live him Base Camp.

Each celebrity had to draw sticks and those with a coloured tip would be captains and chose the members of their team.

Colin picked Justin, Katie, Sabrina, Jimmy and Joe. Lucy picked Gino, Stuart, George, Sam and Kim.

The celebrities then made their way to the Bush Battle area. They were each positioned under a bucket. Using a stick they had to retain the contents of the bucket by keeping a button pressed. One false move and the contents would be released and that celebrity eliminated. The winning team would be the one that had at least one celebrity still standing when all of their opponents have been eliminated.

Gino was first out followed by Justin, Jimmy, Kim, Colin, Joe, Sam, George and Katie.

This left Lucy, Stuart and Sabrina. Lucy was next to go followed by her team mate Stuart leaving Sabrina victorious and making her team win Base Camp.

This meant that Colin, Justin, Katie, Sabrina, Jimmy and Joe would automatically be immune from the first public vote off.

Colin’s winning team returned to Base Camp which had been transformed into a relative jungle paradise. “I’m so relieved. It’s like returning home” said Katie.

The camp had been transformed, furnished with camp chairs, pillows for the beds, dressing gowns, firewood and purified water. They would have additional food delivered that night (Katie joked that it would be a big mac, chips and a strawberry milkshake) and to their joy, they found chocolate and cold beers in the caravan. Colin and Justin made dinner of sausage mushrooms, rice and potatoes and for the first time the amp mates felt full.

Meanwhile, Lucy led her team to the Exile camp. It was more of a clearing with jungle detritus all over the floor, with only one log to sit on and only one bed. The camp contained only the bare essentials and the camp mates were horrified to see rats running around. Crocodile Dundee Stuart even managed to catch one and place it outside of their clearing.

They had no shower and only had rice and beans to eat. But to their horror worse was to come. They discovered that whilst the camp was split, all celebrities who undertook Bush Tucker Trials would complete for 12 stars as usual. However, the meals would automatically go to Base Camp. Only when all members of Base Camp have been fed, would Exile get any food.

Queen of Clean Kim said that she “couldn’t take much more of this filth” whilst the other exiled campmates cleared around and prepared themselves for a tough night ahead.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel. Each day, everyone in Exile Camp would be able to participate in a Bush Battle with the winner of each one being allowed to return to Base Camp and automatically win immunity from the first vote.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!