I’m A Celebrity: Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan don’t have an open marriage

by Lisa McGarry

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan

Last night in I’m A Celebrity base camp, the contestants talked about relationships. As the first couple to go into the jungle together, Katie asked if after twenty five years together, Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister had an open marriage?

She said: “Do you still do it a lot? Even though you’ve been together 25 years do you still do it a lot? And do you have an open relationship or not or is it just you two?”

Colin admitted that the couple were still intimate and that it was “just us” in their relationship.

Katie replied: “That’s nice that is. ‘Cause some people have the image of gay men that they sleep around but it’s the same with…”

Colin interrupted and said: “It’s exactly the image that you sleep around.”

He then added: “Everybody is exactly the same. You’ll get straight couples who are very faithful, you get gay couples who are very faithful and vice versa. If you just find your life partner you don’t need to look elsewhere.”

Katie then added: “I can’t wait to find another one that’s like proper life long like, you kno,w I don’t even know if Alex is you don’t know I’ve only been with him four months but it feels right. But just to have that whole companionship, your soul mate. How nice.”

Colin then admitted that: “It takes a long time it’s not something that happens overnight.”

When asked by Katie if he and Justin had ever previously been in a relationship with women, Colin admitted that he had “a good few” and that Justin “had a girlfriend for a year.”

Katie added that she thought: “Everyone would experiment if they had the balls to.” Prompting Colin to ask: “Girls are more open to it but you must have kissed some of your girlfriends?”

Katie replied: “Oh course in the Playboy mansion all sorts went on. I would say to everyone, ‘You don’t know it until you’ve tired it.’”

Lisa McGarry

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