I’m A Celebrity: contestants reveal their first big break

by Lisa McGarry


Each of the stars in ITV’s I’m A Celebrity had to talk about their first big break which ranged from George going from working the front desk of a hotel to film actor to Kim going from a $250 a week cleaner to getting $2,000 for three days work making TV shows.

George told how the Hollywood columnist Sheila Graham saw him working at the hotel and told him to go into acting.

“I drove down to Hollywood with some boys from school and went into a photo booth and paid $100 for four photographs to be taken. I left the shots at an agent’s office and then got a call saying they wanted to see me for a screen test for a movie they were doing. I went in and read and they said they’d give me $1,800 to make the movie and so I went to work but I had to carry the camera equipment because it was a small production.”

Sabrina almost missed her audition to be in Mis-Teeq when she turned up late to perform for the record company but wowed them with her voice.

Jimmy’s break came in 1979 when at 16 he won the English Amateur Snooker Championships which allowed him to turn professional and he then went on to Tanzania and won the world amateur championships. “That sealed my status as a professional,” he said.

Kim said her break came in January 2003 when she was cleaning for $250 a week and was asked to audition for a show. “I saw Aggie on the steps and I thought she looked like Harry Potter and she thought I looked like Hagrid in drag – she’s jealous you know. Having met the producers they offered me $2,000 a show for seven half hours and each show was going to take three days to make. At the time I was earning $12,000 a year so not a millionaire – I thought I’d hit the big time.”

Stuart told how he was working as a model and appearing in commercials when he was given the opportunity to go for a casting as an actor.

Lisa McGarry

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