I’m A Celebrity, Day 15 Liveblogged!

by Gerard McGarry

I'm A Celebrity logoRight back into the jungle, where Stuart Manning and Joe Bugner are incarcerated in the jungle jail. Stewie is a little nervous about the task, and George takes a very fatherly attitude to him, which is nice.

Question for you all:Who’d you rather have in camp – Joe or Stuart?

The campmates are favouring Stuart, but mostly because they like him better, whereas they acknowledge that Joe is capable for any tasks that get thrown at them. As they walk into the clearing to meet Ant & Dec, Joe tells Stuart to respect his elder, meaning himself.

The jungle jail – here’s how it works: both guys get locked in a cell each. They have to escape from the cells and ring a nearby bell..but it’s not going to be easy. They have to find their way into an escape tunnel, they’ll have to break the combination for the lock on the tunnel door. Once they get underground, they’ll have to navigate the tunnel, which will be full of beasties. Bob says that there’s over 10,000 critters in the tunnels. Gulp…

The prize? Whoever wins returns to camp. Whoever loses goes home. Well, to that luxury hotel back in the city.

Stuart seems to have an early advantage on Joe- he’s already trying combinations by the time Joe gets his torch. Yeah, Stuart’s underground while Bugner is still messing around with his torch. However, Stuart seems to get stuck underground with a couple of conflicting signs about keys and exits.

Wow – Manning gets out of the tunnel superfast and rings the bell, while Bugner is still struggling to see the combinations on the bars. Part of me wonders if Joe threw that fight. He’s bowed out gracefully if that’s the case though. I know he didn’t mix well with the others, but he left in a dignified manner. Respect to Joe Bugner!

And since all that happened last night, Joe is in the studio for an interview with Ant and Dec. He admits, he’s not disappointed to be out. He claims to be happy for Stuart and says he admires his determination.

They show Joe the video of him arriving in camp and getting on everybody’s nerves. He defends himself by saying that there were too many people trying to give advice at once. He gives his opinion on Kim – “that lady could talk the leg off an iron pot! She doesn’t know what she’s talking about half the time.”

Back at the camp, we see Gino, Sabrina and George rooting for Stuart to return. Gino, of course, asks the question why it’s Stuart she’s hoping for.  Kim sings his praises, calling him “a treasure”.

And speaking of Kim, the celebrities talk about her and George like an old married couple. Well, two out of three isn’t bad…Kim has literally taken on the housewife role for George, and we see Kim calling him Luvvie and Honey. They sing duets and have little pre-bedtime jokes. This little bit of role-playing seems to be semi-serious…it’s quite cute though.

Celebrity Chest

As Justin Ryan rightly points out, the celebs haven’t had much success with their Celebrity Chest tasks. Tonight, Justin and Sabrina have to do a task on a roundabout which brings back a boyhood terror for Justin. They have to spin around for ages, then stop the roundabout and run like crazy to catch the key. If they don’t get there in time, the key retracts up into the trees again. It takes them a few tries, but they finally catch it.

Of course, the bigger test for the intellectually challenged celebs is getting the question right. The question asks how many episodes of Dynasty Linda Evans was in. They clearly don’t have a clue, so they vote for which answer to choose. Sabrina stops them at the last minute and insists on choosing “B”…and naturally they lose the treats…

After all that, cue some footage of Justin being a total wuss about insects – the screaming is completely ridiculous! There’s nothing like the sight of a camp Scottish dude screeching and running away from an insect. Worryingly, he feels that the horsefly in question is out to get him…paranoid much?

Kim flips out

George complains to Kim about the colours running on his washing. She responds by calling him “an ungrateful old scrotum” and “old baggage”. To make matters worse, he disturbs her while she’s lying down. She hits him with “Yes, luvvie, but don’t you understand, we’re living in a jungle…”


The group finally wins a prize, chocolate and a mobile phone so they can make one phone call. They decide that it should be someone with children, but Sabrina wants to phone her mother. Gino seems annoyed that Stuart backed Sabrina up. They opt to draw straws and Justin wins the draw, giving him the choice of who got the call. Eventually, George gets the call, but Justin is terribly upset about the decision.

Gino has a real problem with this, obviously. I think he was keen to make a call home. Looks like he’s going to have a little vendetta after this…

That night, they get some beers, and the rush goes straight to their heads. Stuart becomes a comedian, Sabrina suddenly becomes giggly and loud. George does a little dance, and we can only hope he doesn’t make a little love with Kim later on. Justin, like any drunk Scot worth his salt, launches into a tune. And gets a little romantic with Gino!

We’re all busting to see if Stuart and Sabrina have a drunken snog though. Oooh, and he’s obviously been straining his brain cells, because he tells her they want similar things and that he’ll talk to her when they get out. Has a lovable celebrity couple been born in the jungle?

George has a crisis of conscience

George Hamilton, lovable dude that he is, confides in Kim that he wants to leave – partly to be back with his girlfriend and partly to give one of the younger contestants a chance to win. He seems certain in his approach, but Kim tells him that he should sleep on it.

Ant & Dec visit the camp to tell them that no-one will be leaving today. Is there a catch? Er…no, apparently. And the celebs are like us, they don’t know what to make of it – Jimmy says “This is freaking me out now…perhaps we’re never leaving?”

Brilliant! What did you think of tonight’s show? Should George step aside for one of the younger contestants? Give us your views…

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