I’m A Celebrity, Day 17 – 1 December 2009, Liveblogged

by Gerard McGarry

I'm A Celebrity logoTonight is the eviction showdown between Sabrina Washington and Justin Ryan. We’re hoping Justin will stay, but are realistic enough to know he’s been bottom two a few times while Sabrina’s been relatively well-received until now.

I was actually a bit surprised that Sabrina got this far. Maybe it’s Sugababe syndrome, but I was assuming that she was the Mis-Teeq b*tch. However, she’s turned out to be lovely if slightly dull. Justin on the other hand has had us in stitches with his screaming every time a fly lands near him, he’s been tenacious during the tasks (look at his nose) and otherwise quite funny.

Anyway, the camp seems a bit subdued today – the celebs are reeling from George’s departure and the impending departure of either Justin or Sabrina. Jimmy and Sabrina get put forward for the Bush Trucker trial (yes, she said ‘trucker’ again).

The trial is a weird number memorising game with two gunge tanks – one for each contestant. They get a minute to memorize the images behind the numbers and then they get quizzed! Hell, when the board turned around, I freaked out – there’s no way they’ll remember all those symbols.

Jimmy gets the first one wrong, and Sabrina gets covered in gunk. Then Sabrina gets one wrong and Jimmy gets a soaking. This could go on for a while… Jimmy repeatedly answers with the Sydney Opera House and repeatedly gets it wrong. Sabrina claims the fish-water she’s been douched in is affecting her brain. After 12 questions, they only get two right, scoring one paltry star. Though it was totally worth it for comedy value!

Faced with diminishing supplies, Gino suggests that everybody skips lunch in order to make the food go around.

Kim wanna sex u up…

And later on, Kim’s randy moods threaten to turn the show into a celebrity sex camp. She’s talking at length about the fires of passion…we’re a little freaked out by all of this.

An easier Celebrity Chest?

Because this year’s celebrities are so utterly dumb at celebrity chest tasks, the producers take sympathy and slightly rewrite the rules to give them a chance of winning the task. It’s a teamwork task for two people. They hold either end of two sticks, on which they’re expected to balance a ball. Then they have to maneuver the sticks along a track along the side of a perspex box. Jimmy and Kim try first and fail utterly. Stuart and Sabrina try next and…also fail. Gino and Justin take the final attempt and…win!

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the task, as Stuart and Sabrina have to run back and get another token. And for the first time, they win the task. Phew…

Letters from home

Yep, it’s that time, the letters from home. Emotional scenes all round as Justin reads out all the letters. Is it that sentimental Scottish accent that makes it sooo much harder to listen to? After Justin reads all of the letters, Sabrina reads Colin’s letter to Justin – which includes an offer to renew their vows (I wonder if he got inspiration for that from the Pricey?)

Hugs and tissues all round the camp right now. We see Kim shedding a quiet tear in the caravan alone.

All this sentimentality is followed up with some lurid shower scenes. And if you were hoping for a sneaky shot of Sabrina, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you’re a fan of Kim’s er…assets, well… But for the ladies, Gino gets his hairy arse out. Quite a bit.


There’s a competition between two groups of contestants – all about current celebrity knowledge. Sabrina, Stuart and Gino win and they get a night of beers, nibbles and karaoke in a jungle clearing.

Back at the camp, Kim, Jimmy and Justin are rewarded with a raw fish and some vegetables. But, in a surprising show of solidarity, Gino, Stuart and Sabrina smuggle some snacks back and sneakily hand them out to their friends. It seems like even though they got a bit of a grilling about this (despite photographic evidence), all the celebrities deny any wrongdoing. Love it!


Right, and we’re out of camp because of a snake, but Ant & Dec take the celebs somewhere else to deliver the news that Sabrina is going out tonight. Looks like public support for Justin is still strong!

During her interview with Ant & Dec, she talks about how she overcame her fear of heights, and also how they celebs have all become accustomed to jungle life. Asked whether there’s a romance blossoming between her and Stuart, she dodges the question. Repeatedly.

Ant asks her who she wants to win – and despite her differences with Kim, she hints that it might be her. But…no, she’s being coy. She wants to say Stuart, but doesn’t want to add fuel to the rumours. Are we looking at next years I’m A Celebrity ITV2 presenters? Watch this space…

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