I’m A Celebrity, Day 6 Liveblogged!

by Gerard McGarry

I'm A Celebrity logoFriday night, and the relentless blogging of I’m A Celebrity continues apace. Your comments, as always, are appreciated.

Thankfully, after a false start over the last few days, Celebrity actually started to get interesting last night with some bitchy moments between Kim and Justin and some full-on craziness from Joe Bugner, who is fast becoming the ‘legend’ of the 2009 series. George Hamilton is still excused from being interesting on medical grounds.

And so we join the camp(s). The luxury camp are waking up blissfully rested, while the exiles are looking groggy and rough. SamFox has got a tic, and it’s not a nervous one. Stuart Manning has a little rummage in his nether regions for bugs. It’s important to check that regularly anyway, readers.

Celebrity Rat Eating

Stuart has the brainwave that he’s going to eat rat for dinner tonight. Lucy Benjamin has a wonderful freak-out about the very notion of eating rats. Gino seems to be happy about the challenge of cooking the vermin. Wonder if he can see the prospect of a cookery show focussed around rodents?

Five minutes later, Lucy can suddenly confidently declare that she’d rather have rat than crocodile feet. Funny how your perspective changes, innit?

Persecuted Price

The brave glamour model cum business magnate is whinging about her unbroken string of nasty tasks. She’s not amused, which means that we are amused. The nation is voting in the Name Of Andre. Yes, Katie, Britain is officially Team Andre, so please go to another country or at least somewhere that papparazzi or ITV don’t exist.

Her task is a relatively mild ‘scale a wall and stick your arm into some holes’ thing. The pathetic whimpering and shivering is becoming so thoroughly annoying now – I was initially sympathetic toward her two days ago, but now I just want to vote her out of there. Yes, I may actually break my infamous no-vote rule to get rid of Katie Price. I suggest you do too.

Until they open up voting to eliminate people, I suggest we keep voting Katie Price in for the tasks and then vote her out at the first opportunity.

Brilliant task though – a variety of ways that the stars had to be removed – screwing them and taking them off laces, etc. She eventually came out with 9 stars – 6 of which go to her team in base camp and 3 which go to the exiles. Ant & Dec give her the now-obligatory chance to tell the public that she’s really really a nice person and they should stop torturing her now. This is so horribly blatant – I don’t see people telling us that Joe Bugner’s a lovely guy, or that Colin and Justin are just the sweetest couple ever. In. Fur. Ia. Ting.

Kim’s Paranoia & Bush Battles

Kim thinks that most of the base camp people are willing to stab her in the back. I can guess about three – who do you think she was talking about?

Joe and Sabrina have a squabble about whether Stuart can make a career in Los Angeles. Bugner is fast becoming the snarky old bitch of the camp, isn’t he? I think I like that – at least he’s mixing it up.

Meanwhile, the Bush Battle between the members of Exile Camp is kicking off – they have to hold water in tubes with their fingers. George has a moment of brilliance when he convinces the girls – Sam and Lucy – to take their fingers away. Of course, he double crosses them – he doesn’t take his fingers off and their tubes empty out. Showing a sharp ol’ sense of humour, he takes a swipe at Katie’s mid-task moaning: “Oh, I can’t take this another second. I’m just thinking of Junior…”

Ultimately, Stuart ‘takes one for the team’ and loses, going to the luxury camp and becoming exempt from being voted out.

Ding, Ding, Round 2

Yes, the Bugner v Washington title match is well underway, with Sabrina being the rebellious teenager to Bugner’s whingy old lady. He has a good old moan to Justin, who disagrees. Jimmy White takes the role of mediator – telling Joe that he was welcome to make a meal someday himself if he has a problem with Sabrina’s cooking.

Fair play to wee Justin, he stands his ground with Joe, defending Sabrina (Jimmy sticks up for her as well) – and Sabrina rounds on his criticism saying he had no problem with the food she cooked the previous day. Hah! Up yours, Bugner!

Bushtucker Cop-out

Ant & Dec come straight out and tell Katie that she’s up for the task tonight. But…she’ll be doing it alongside the person from Exile who had the most votes. Not fair! We weren’t voting for two people to do the task – is this just about making it easier for Jordan? Up to you, readers. Let me know what you think…

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