I’m A Celebrity: Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair tire of Kayla Collins mood!

Yesterday wasn’t going well for I’m A Celebrity’s Kayla Collins and as she sat looking crestfallen by the camp fire on her own Jenny commented to Dom and Shaun that it’s hard for her but Dom disagreed saying, “Its hard for us…if you looked like that you wouldn’t mind. You’d be like ‘yeah I’m alright who wants it?’ Come on its not hard for her she’s 23 years old. I’d love to be hard up and 23 years old.”

As Dom joined Kayla and Aggro by the fire the camp commented how unlike their wet surroundings, it was the conversation that was drying up. A frustrated Dom tried to turn the chat to Marcel Proust but a confused Aggro replied “What’s that?” whilst Kayla commented “We can’t talk about that because we don’t even know who it is.”

Fed up with inane conversations from the younger celebrities, Dom and Jenny both agreed they couldn’t take much more of camp life and took themselves off for a walk and a moan.

Dom said: “There’s two tribes left, the young and the oldies and sadly I’m on of the oldies, the quality of the conversation is nosediving, it’s X Factor, Big Brother and Tinchy Stryder.

Jenny complained: “I can’t talk to a bunch of small minded 23 year olds any more, I can’t deal with it, I am f***ing bored sh**less, none of them have ever read a book or had any experience apart from Saturday evening light entertainment television and I’ve really tried. I find Aggro the most intelligent to talk to but Stacey is fabulous but her life is small.”

Disagreeing, Dom said: “I find Aggro the least interesting, he had nothing to say at all. If you go I’m bu**ered, who do I talk to? It’s excruciating, who is Tinchie Stryder and why should I care?”

Thankful that the Trigger Happy TV presenter was with her, Jenny said: “Thank god you are here, I’m that far away from walking.”

Meanwhile Stacey and Aggro were having an interesting conversation about the The X Factor and Jedward.

“I liked Jedward, they were my friends, others weren’t as nice. It’s not fair to make judgement of anyone’s character, I can’t do that here as we are not in a normal situation. There were some people on The X Factor I didn’t get on with while they were in the house, they were quite nasty, but on the tour we had the time of our lives because we were in a normal situation.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!