I’m A Celebrity final: Gino D’Acampo eats crocodile head!


Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity was stomach churning to watch and it didn’t do much for Gino D’Acampo either as he had to munch and crunch his way through three courses of Bushtucker in order to win the heart of the dinner, the main course. He also chose the two additional platters to win two personal treats.

Dec explained that Gino had the choice of either a traditional course or Bushtucker. First up was a fermented egg or anti pasta. “I’m trembling because I’ve not eaten anti-pasta for a long time,” he said as he smelled the selection of olives, artichokes, tomatoes and dips.

He cracked the egg shell to reveal a completely black, rotten egg and started gagging as he chomped it down, struggling to swallow it. “That was disgusting, you people are crazy,” he said to the presenters.

Next up was rhino beetles or profiteroles with cream. Said Ant: “you just have to pull off the legs, head and wings – the hairs make this dish apparently.”

Gino wanted to pretend it was a prawn as he popped it in his mouth and started crunching while involuntarily gagging. Dec asked Gino if it tasted like prawn at all?

“No! The flavour goes through your nose and makes you gag all the time.

A jungle bento box of cockroaches, witchetty grubs and meal worms were next on the menu, or Gino could choose sushi. Said Dec: “Surely you don’t want any more rice? You have to eat one live cockroach, a small handful of meal worms and a witchetty grub.

Gino chased a roach around the table and crunched it down followed by a handful of wriggling worms before biting the head off the witchetty grub, discarding it and munching on the body. Throughout this course he gagged and squirmed. “It tasted ‘orrible, like mucus, like something that was off.”

He was congratulated on winning the three main courses for camp and was then offered the personal treats. Relishing a bottle of Chianti, Gino was offered a dish of long, slimy, live meal worms or a spaghetti bolognese.”I tell you why I’m not going to have it (the spaghetti), is because the pasta is too well done.” He put his fork into the worms and turned it like he was scooping up spaghetti and put the slithery worms into his mouth and sucked up the long bodies. He struggled to swallow them and eventually showed his empty mouth to Ant and Dec.

The final dish was revealed – a crocodile’s head. As he prised open the jaws he saw his dish – the tongue. Preferring this to a slice of his favourite thin crust pizza, he took a big chunk out of the tongue and chewed. “It smells awful,” he complained. “It tastes like rotten fish.” He gagged, choked and had to stop himself from throwing it back up, “the worst was the egg,” he told Ant and Dec at the end.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!