I’m A Celebrity: Jimmy White tackles bushtucker trial – Scarewell to hell

by Lisa McGarry


I’m A Celebrity contestant Jimmy White faced his first Bush Tucker Trail and had to overcome his fear to win food for his camp mates. Hosts Ant & Dec asked the snooker player is he had a fear of heights and he replied, “a little bit, so if I start screaming you’ll know why.”

He also admitted that after a few days spent in the jungle, he considered leaving complaining that there aren’t any chairs, beds or food, “I’ve been here 15 days now I’ve met some incredible people. It’s been an incredible experience I didn’t think I’d last three days to be honest. Once Camilla went I though I was following her. It’s very difficult, there’s no where to sit, no where to wash, no where to sleep and no food.”

But having had a change of heart then added, “I’d love to win it my competitive side wants to win it.

Explained the rules of the game, Jimmy was told that he would have to climb along the high wire routes to the hanging stars. As he negotiated the walkways, with the hammer provided, he had to smash the stars to release the ribbons inside. Each star was worth one meal for camp and there were nine stars in total.

The stars were on a timer and would drop to the valley below if he didn’t smash them in time.

He was then told that the final star would require a leap of faith. Unlike the other stars Jimmy would not have to smash the star but jump off of the platform and grab it.

Dressed in tight red Lycra, Ant joked that he looked nice in his outfit and Jimmy replied, “I look nice, Justin would like this.”

He tentatively worked his way around the course and managed to smash the first star but missed the second. As he struggled to climb the ladder he just made the third star but was too late for the fourth which plummeted to the ground below. Jimmy successfully smashed the next three starts but on reaching the ninth star, jumped and narrowly misses, winning a total of five stars and five meals for his fellow camp mates.

Lisa McGarry

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