I’m A Celebrity: Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister both had girlfriends!

by Lisa McGarry

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan

I’m A Celebrity camp mate Justin Ryan has revealed that he and his partner Colin McAllister (who left the jungle earlier this week), have both had girlfriends before.

Justin had a relationship with a woman for over a year before he met Colin and knew for definite that he was gay.

“I don’t know if I fell for her, I was 16 and a half it was at the tail end of school, it didn’t feel right, it didn’t work for various reasons because I’m gay, but I slept with her.

‘It was good at the time and she always tells me she knew, maybe I wasn’t very good! But we stay in touch, she’s married with children now.’

Gino asked Justin at what stage he knew he was gay. ‘I think I knew at the time I was with her but at 16 I was a quite a naive kid so I wasn’t sure and then you get to 18 and I went off to university and I veered towards boys.

‘My relationship didn’t go on with my girlfriend but I really love women. Colin is my only long term boyfriend and he had lots of girlfriends.

‘Like anybody you find your feet, I fully believe there are different scales and take people different ways, it just so happened my scale tipped fairly quickly. I was never disrespectful or dishonest to my girlfriend but I was young but I was finding my feet before making life decisions.

‘Most of my friends are straight and some of the straight men say quite happily that they are camp and fun but heterosexual. I’ve got crap gaydar.

‘I was a lucky kid some kids have a tough time but I just got lucky, even when I was struggling in my early teens and thinking something was different and knew I was likely to go down a different path but I had a really accession through childhood really supportive family and friends who have remained that way.’

Gino added that he has lot of friends in southern Italy who are gay and who don’t talk to their mum and dad about it. ‘It’s ignorance, it’s the mentality, they can’t accept certain things, and it’s silly,’ he said.

Lisa McGarry

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