I’m A Celebrity: Justin Ryan had a panic attack and bust his nose during bushtucker trial

by Lisa McGarry


I’m A Celebrity camp mate Justin Ryan had a panic attack and bloodied his nose during his Bushtucker Trial.

He volunteered for the Trial after hearing it was called Great Barrier Grief and realising it would have something to do with water. As Sabrina was not a swimmer, she was happy for him to compete and she and the others wished him luck. He confessed to Sabrina: “I’m terrified, I want to do well for all of us, especially you.”

Ant and Dec told him there were three Perspex chambers, “all you have to do is get into the water and get in to the chambers from underneath, inside every chamber is a puzzle and attached to the puzzle is a star which you pop into the bag. Each chamber had an air pocket. The bad news is you won’t be down there alone, there will be some water dwelling creatures, you have ten minutes to get as many as you can.”

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The Claxton sounded and Justin jumped into the water and into the first chamber full of eels and crocodiles, he collected one star before smacking his nose against the Perspex side of the chamber. Ant and Dec stopped the clock and told him to get out immediately to be checked by the medic. “Joe has had hundreds of these,” he said referring to his nose, “I’ve just had one!”

He returned to the water and retrieved another star before moving to the second chamber which contained more crocodiles and water spiders protecting the three precious stars. He chewed his way through the ropes fixing them then started shouting and screaming claiming something was biting his foot and warned the reptiles to stay away from him.

‘I’ve never been so scared in all my life, can they kill me boys?’ he asked Ant and Dec. “Nothing can kill you but they can bite and scratch you,” they replied.

In the final chamber which contained cane toads and yabbies, Justin retrieved the final three stars, which meant everyone would be eating that night.

As he got out of the water Justin, breathing erratically, fell down at Ant and Dec’s feet and said: “I’m totally freaked out.” As they called the medic to check he was OK, Justin said: “That was absolutely terrifying, I got off to a bad start when I got in the water, I couldn’t see my way out. I had water in my goggles and I just swam into the end rather than get out, that was my fault and I freaked out under water.

“A croc was on my leg and something grabbed on to me hard.”

Clearly exhilarated Justin said: “I’m going back to camp and hope I’m a hero but I’m going to pretend that I didn’t get any and bust my nose.”

Dec said: “I’d say I had a fight with Ant and Dec and they broke my nose – nah nobody would believe that!”

“That was the most exhilarating thing I have done, ever, terrifying to the max, completely challenging but by god, I did it. I got eight stars and feel completely satisfied. When I get back to camp they are going to be worried about my injury and boy am I going to milk it!”

Returning to camp Justin announced: “I got just one star, I was bitten by a crocodile, got into a panic and I tried to get out – that’s how I smashed my nose so they panicking because there was blood everywhere and they had to stop the clock after just one minute.”

With the camp consoling him for only getting one star, he then said: “Then I got back in and got the other seven stars!”

“I experienced what must be a true adrenaline rush because it felt like the most exhilarating experience in the world.”

Gino joked: “It’s because you never slept with me, that’s why.”

Justin replied: “If I could sleep with you then there’s an even bigger experience there – big being the operative word!”

Lisa McGarry

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