I’m A Celebrity: Katie Price does 6th bushtucker trial CAR-LAMITY

by Lisa McGarry


The public once again voted for Katie Price to do her sixth I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker Trial. “It’s another day at the office hon,” said Colin. “Yeah, I’ll go and hunt for us again,” she replied. “Feed us Katie, feed us,” said Jimmy.

Katie explained: “I suppose you get into a routine and the routine is I go out to work to bring back the food and you just have your daily routine. I’m the bread winner. I’m going back to work to get the food to provide for my little chickens. I’ve no idea how many stars I’m going to get. I’d like to get a full house. I do every day. I’ve no idea what this challenge is. It’s called Car–Lamity. I don’t even know what calamity means.”

Ahead of the trial, hosts Ant and Dec asked how she was feeling, she said: “Do you know I’m actually feeling more deflated today. It’s like, ‘How many more can a girl possibly do?’ They’ve [the public] seen me with bugs, terrified, they’ve seen me cry. So today I said to camp, ‘It will just be like me going to the office. I’ll get there, I’ll tremble, I’ll cry, I’ll moan, do the challenge come back and then I can chill for the day and me and Jimmy we can just watch and wait for our food.’”

Asked why she thinks she keeps getting picked she said: “Either they love me or they hate me. No idea. I’ve always got lovers and haters but my family and friends they probably love it because they get to see more of me but I’m telling them now I’m not loving it. I’m gutted I’m not in exile. I’d love to be in the last three to get voted out. It’s mad, I’ve done my due course, get me out of here.”

The trial was entitled ‘Car-Lamity’. Using the car provided, Katie had to manoeuvre it around the course, pausing at the four stations along the way. At every station there would be an opportunity to win stars. At each station, three stars were up for grabs. Eight stars go to Base Camp the others used for Exile.

Unimpressed by the task ahead, Katie then addressed the public who have been voting for her to complete the trials and said: “Please don’t vote me tomorrow, please I’ve had enough. Everyone else, give then something to do. You’ve seen me struggle, you’ve seen me cry, shake, wanna die. There’s only certain things I can do. I’m a trouper I’ll give it a go. But I really don’t want to be doing this.”

Once in the car, Katie was instructed to go at the green light and pull up at the first station which was a barrier. Resting on top was an oil tanker. Once underneath the tanker released gunge onto Katie and into the car. Hidden within the gunge were three stars. Routing around Katie found all three and continued onto the next station.

The next station was the Drive Thru’ in which Katie was served ‘krunchy fried bug’,’french flies’ and ‘crocolate milkshake’. Each meal was worth one star. After her eating challenge yesterday, Katie claimed that she couldn’t do. Encouraged by hosts Ant and Dec she refused to drink all of the Crocolate milkshake but ate the Krunchy Fried Bug claiming it tasted like pork scratchings and French Flies winning two of the possible three stars. Afterwards she said: “Do you know its mentally torturing? I’m starting to feel a bit sick.”

Next up was Roadworks. Breaking through the sign, she had to retrieve the three stars which were entangled in cobwebs and protected by spiders. Having expressed a fear of them, Katie managed to get all three stars.

The final station was Car Wash and retrieve the three star. She manoeuvred through the two vertical brushes and was sprayed by ‘polish’ orange wax but she successfully unclipped all three. Base Camp would receive the full eight meals whilst Exile would receive three.

After the trial Katie said: “[That’s] something I would do with the kids. They’d love all this slime. I actually enjoyed that I’d do that again. Thank you pubic you made me do something fun. I’ll be putting my feet up now all afternoon. Like a little Princess.”

As she departed she said: “Love you kids.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!