I’m A Celebrity: Katie Price & Joe Bugner talk sex!

by Lisa McGarry


Yesterday in I’m A Celebrity jungle camp, Katie Price asked Joe Bugner if in his hey day he had lots of women as he had previously commented that he was “a bit of a boy?”

Colin interjected that was his “Rolls Royce picking up the chicks?” and Katie shocked the former boxer when she said, “In the club, ‘champong’ all round you. They’re all taking the piss out of you nicking your drink. You thinking, ‘Yeah I’m going to take you home tonight, open your legs and give you one, you dirty bitch.’ Then you’re f*cking off.”

A stunned Joe replied: “That kind of language has never come out of my mouth dear. I never had to go that far.”

Justin then asked Joe: “What’s the most amount of girls you’ve ever had ever in your life, ever at one time?”

Joe answered: “I’ve been accused of a thousand.” Justin asked in total but Joe replied: “No, at that period, 20 years ago.”

Katie then added: “I can guarantee, I don’t know about you [to Sabrina] I know exactly how many people I’ve slept with, do you?”

Admitting that she was a “good Catholic girl” Sabrina revealed that she had: “two or three serious partners. It was long term for me.”

Katie then asked: “So you’ve only slept with three people?”

Sabrina nodded and Katie then replied: “That’s so pre you’re going to have so many men after you. What I mean is its ‘virginey’. Whereas me I’d rather a man slept around like you would not believe so then they’re experienced. They’ve tired it, tested it and now they’ve got me. Been there done it worn the t-shirt.”

Going back to Sabrina’s previous revelation, she said: “That’s really good that is, bloody good. I haven’t had that many even though everyone thinks I have. The only one night stand I’ve had he done that story on me a couple of months ago. That Brazilian.”

Colin interjected: “Sex is just sex isn’t it.” But Katie chastised him by saying: “But that’s where you’re wrong Mr Sunshine. It’s the chemistry.”

Colin then added: “People talk too much about sex because they’re not doing it.”

But Katie replied: “Well we’re talking about it because we’re bored.” Colin then joked: “We ain’t having sex and we ain’t eating!”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!