I’m A Celebrity: Katie price won’t be getting her boobs out

by Lisa McGarry


I’m A Celebrity campmate Katie Price has revealed that she won’t be getting her boobs out during her time in the jungle. ITV may have paid her £450,000 to create headlines during her time on the show, however it seems that Katie intends to play it tame for the cameras this time round.

Last night Colin McAllister asked Katie: “Do you not think it must be frustrating for the men of Britain that you’ve got Katie Price and Samantha Fox keeping their tops on?”

But Katie revealed that she would be keeping her top on: “I won’t be getting mine off, maybe six years ago I might have done but, no.”

Colin’s partner Justin then quipped: “If you’ve got them love, bring them out.” Whilst Colin added: “They’re bought and paid for you might as well show them off.”

As she sat around the camp fire in her jungle vest top she disagreed and said: “They’re on display enough.”

An inquisitive Justin then joined the conversation, fascinated by what was in front of him, he said: “But do they feel like concrete balls or do they feel like cheese soufflé?”

Katie explained that hers were, ‘quite soft’ and that she had, ‘got used to them, I’ve had them done since I was 18.’

Katie then admitted that she had a breast reduction last year and is now, ‘a DD or something.’ The conversation then turned to the shape and Katie said that she still not happy with them and would like them to have, ‘that sort of bullet look.’

Asked by Justin what she though of Pamela Anderson’s assets, she said: “I’ve never really seen them, but from what I could see hers are sometimes big and small as well.” Colin then added: “Like Victoria Beckham had that kind of dome thing when it looks like you’ve got two dinner plates under your skin.”

Lisa McGarry

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