I’m A Celebrity: Kim doesn’t like Aggie!

by Lisa McGarry

How Clean Is Your House

Who would have thought that TV cleaning duo Kim and Aggie actually detest each other? On tonight’s I’m A Celebrity, Kim Woodburn admitted that she was secretly relieved when Channel 4 canceled How Clean Is Your House, because now she doesn’t have to see Aggie Mackenzie anymore.

The revelations came as she discussed with Colin McAllister her reasons for appearing on I’m A Celebrity.

She said: “I did it for about three reasons. I don’t know which is more important. I did it because they asked for me and I thought to myself, ‘A bit more exposure, millions of viewers.’”

Colin said: “The fact that you’re on your own, its not Kim and Aggie, its just Kim on her own.”

Kim continued: “When we finished this series in May, funnily enough I really wanted to go it alone now, I knew I did but they don’t want any more How Clean Is Your House but I’m very proud of that show. But I nurtured that show, I put my guts in and I was proud but after the fifth I said no more because,” Kim lowered her voice and added: “‘There’s problems,’ I said. ‘I can’t, I just can’t.’ I gave my soul for it, I was selling my soul keep doing it and even for the fifth, I was miserable with Aggie and when they approached me to come back . . . very pleased and I thought, ‘Ok…not…Aggie,’ And I wanted it you see, but I just knew.”

Sabrina, who had joined them by then, added: “Nothing at all?” Kim: “No, we never contact between series.”

Colin said: “That’s weird. Even if you were just being polite because it’s your bread and butter. Because you’re a partnership.”

Sabrina and Kim both told Colin how lucky he was to be in a personal and professional relationship with Justin. Kim said: “You two are totally secure but you’re unique.”

Lisa McGarry

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