I’m A Celebrity: Kim Woodburn talks to her bra

by Lisa McGarry


Whilst the rest of the I’m A Celebrity camp mates in Exile are happy to talk amongst themselves, fellow celebrity Kim has found a host of other objects to talk to.

Lucy commented that Kim, “witters to herself” whilst Gino said: “She has a conversation with her bra for ten minutes. I never knew anyone who can talk with their bra.”

George makes his camp mates laugh with his impression of Kim and Gino continued: “I could never see myself having a ten minute conversation with my pants or socks.”

Later, Kim headed to the toilet and continued to converse with herself. Gino turned to the rest of the camp and said: “Please don’t tell me she’s talking to the toilet. I can hear somebody talking to the toilet. Can you hear it? She’s talking to the toilet. How can you talk to a toilet?”

He continued: “What do you say to a toilet that’s what I would like to know.”

Lucy then joked: “She’ll be going, ‘No dear, oh no dear.’”

Sam then said: “She’s probably thinking abut what she’s done and talking about it ahh.”

Am amazed Gino then added: “That’s quite amazing, if you can put your brain to do that. I find that fascinating actually that you can have a conversation with anything, a toilet or branch or bras or knickers. It’s the ultimate entertainment. Can you imagine? How you will never get bored.”

Lucy then added: “I don’t think Kim’s ever bored. Ever.”

But Gino disagreed and said: “Of course she is if she talks to herself like that.”

Laughing, Lucy suggested: “Do you think Pete (her husband) just shuts up for an hour and that’s why she’s learnt to talk to herself so much?”

Gino then joked: “Imagine if you meet the husband and say, ‘The only problem with Km, we don’t really communicate, because she keeps talking with toilets and stuff like that by the time she comes to me she’s tired.,”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!