I’m A Celebrity: Sabrina Washington and Kim Woodburn fight over bushtucker trial

by Lisa McGarry

sabrina washington

The I’m a Celebrity camp mates attempted to bring some democracy into camp yesterday, when told they would have to decide which camp mate should attempt the Bush Tucker Trial. Choosing to use straws, this soon led to arguments with Kim at the centre of the row, but this time it was with Sabrina.

The camp mates decided that they should draw straws amongst the group members who have not completed trials. Kim felt it should be the ones who face eviction so it was between Sabrina and Jimmy.

Sabrina pulled the short straw but Kim felt that Jimmy should do the trial, whispering to the camp, “Sabrina had done one, she got the trunk back. She has done a trial, she shouldn’t be doing this at all and I mean that. I’m sorry I think Jimmy should be doing this.”

After a discussion, Jimmy said he would do the challenge but Sabrina, visibly upset at missing out was comforted by Justin.

With Sabrina still down, Justin approached Kim and told her she had caused “all manor of friction.”

Sabrina then said to Kim, “myself and Jimmy have done treasure chests We’ve gone out, not got stars but we’ve gone out t get chests. So we’ve both done them. I’m looking at it as in I want to have the full jungle experience, I haven’t done a Bush Tucker Trial. We drew straws, I drew the shortest straw and then when you got upset about it….

Kim replied, “I wasn’t upset my love, I think I was very reasonable.”

Sabrina continued, “I’m just telling you from where I was standing. When you made your decision to say whatever you had to say about it, it seemed like you were upset at me and directed it at me. You’re saying it’s not fair

Kim continued, “you drew the short straw therefore you can say ‘I drew it, its fair I go. Why don’t you do it?”

Sabrina replied, “No because you took that away from me.”

Kim, “I’m sorry I’m not going to let you this to me darling. Is it because you really don’t want to do it and I’m your whipping boy?””

Sabrina added “But you had a problem with that Kim. It’s fair that we’ve not done treasure chests and it’s fair that we’ve both not done Bush Tucker Trials but you don’t take that into consideration.”

Kim then said, “You drew the short straw, I said in front of all this group I’m very sorry I should not have interfered, she did get the short straw. So you say ‘Right Kim I’m doing it’. Why are you making all this big deal over it, go and do it with my blessing darling. Well lovely I’m not going to kiss your arse.”

Sabrina, “I’m not asking you to apologise you don’t need to kiss my arse. You’ve apologized once and I’ve accepted your apology but..

Kim interrupted and commented that Jimmy may not get the chance to do a trial if he goes home tomorrow and added, “I can’t say anymore but if this is for television.”

As she walked away from Kim, Sabrina said “You’re older than me and you should be more bigger than that because you’re actually older than me and I think you’re being disrespectful.”

Later in the Bush Telegraph Kim said, “Little Sabrina did go out and stay out all night and Jim said he wanted to do one. So if he gets evicted out tomorrow he’ll be glad he’s done one. Of course that put the cat amongst the pigeons and I shall never to that again.

Whilst Sabrina said, “Kim just put her ten pence in from no where and she was saying ‘oh well you know I think its unfair’. She made a decision that was wrong and she was really, really horrible when she was saying it and she was directing it at me.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!