I’m A Celebrity: Sabrina Washington ‘Stuart is the sexiest guy I know!’


Despite constant questioning and teasing from her other camp mates, I’m A Celebrity’s Sabrina Washington played it very coy in the jungle camp. She never admitted to fancying Stuart Manning, even though it was as plain as the nose on her face.

Today things have changed and Sabrina has given a very revealing interview to The Sun, in which she admits to finding Stuart sexy and hopes that he will be in touch now that he’s left camp.

Sabrina said:

“Stuart has the sexiest torso of any guy I know. He’s such an attractive guy and most girls would be attracted to him.

“We haven’t had the chance to talk yet about the future because he’s in the jungle and I’m out here.

“Anything could happen. Stuart looks good. He’s got a good shape. I mean he’s fantastic-looking.

“But what’s more important is his personality and how he treats me. That’s what’s more important in a man. He treated me very well.

“Maybe there was a tender curiosity between us – we’re about the same age and we have the same interests. So obviously we’re going to veer together.

“I’m an old-fashioned girl, and I’m hoping he’s going to call me up when he gets out of the jungle.

“Stuart is a genuine guy. He’s a gentleman. I enjoyed spending time with him. We like the same music, we like the same food. We have loads of things in common.”

Sabrina also denied Joe Bugner’s claims that she and Stuart were faking a romance in order to stay on the show.

She said:

“Stuart and I liked each other and that was it. There was noting false about it.

“I wasn’t aware that Joe has said those things about us since he came out.

“Joe wasn’t a team player when he first came into the jungle. But that changed as time went on. He was a big friendly giant – a BFG.”

Lisa McGarry

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