I’m A Celebrity: Sabrina Washinton and Stuart Manning won’t date in the jungle

by Lisa McGarry

sabrina washington

I’m A Celebrity stars Sabrina Washington and Stuart Manning have both claimed that they won’t start a relationship whilst on the ITV show. Both claim that they don’t want their private lives played out in front of TV cameras.

During a quiet moment in camp Katie Price asked Sabrina:

“Have you got your eye on anyone?”

Sabrina replied: “No, not yet but when I come out maybe.” Katie asked if Sabrina had a type and suggested Stuart who was sitting nearby. “I don’t really have a type. I like nice people.” Sabrina replied noncommittally.

But Colin pushed the point: “Would you . . ?” referring to Stuart. “No pressure, you know,” replied Sabrina. “She didn’t say no,” pointed out Katie.

Sabrina continued: “I’m such a private person that I would never have a relationship in the public eye.” Katie encouraged her to have a romance, get in the magazines and do a reality show.

Stuart joined in and said: “I’m not at all about that. I couldn’t do it. I could never do anything in here.”

“What do you mean? Sexually?” questioned Katie.

“I like my private life private,” said Stuart.

“So what are you like in bed then Stuart? No, joking, just trying to have a laugh,” joked Katie.

“You’re such a s**t stirrer,” said Stuart and Camilla joked: “You’re a trouble maker.”

Katie said: “Like I say, I know my life’s in the public, like I was saying to you, I do have things private. I didn’t choose to go out with Pete but it was just all public, that was the way we met. It was a bit difficult but I’ve always said the next person I go out with, I don’t want it all public even though it is.”

But Colin pointed out; “Even though he’s a cross dressing cage fighter.”

Lisa McGarry

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