I’m A Celebrity: Stuart Manning and Sabrina Washington take on Buzz Off bushtucker trial

by Lisa McGarry


Stuart Manning and Sabrina Washington volunteered to take part in their first joint bushtucker trial on tonight’s I’m A Celebrity show.

They were told that the trial was called Buzz Off and Stuart had to direct Sabrina from the hive whilst Sabrina, dressed as a bumblebee, had to navigate across the assault course and release the stars.

Attached to Sabrina’s helmet were two antenna and she would have to prevent them from touching the copper rail. If they touched the rail, they would light up and Stuart would receive an electric shock plus other surprises.

The course was broken up into five sections, the first three sections were worth one star each and the last two sections two stars each. Stuart needed to navigate Sabrina to each star and she would have to open the compartment to win the meal for camp.

However, if she touches the rail three times in one section they lose the star and would have to move on to the next.

The pair got off to a bad start, Sabrina had taken a few tiny steps when she quickly hit the rail three consecutive times which caused three shocks for Stuart plus a host of critters poured onto him, “Man those electric shocks hurt!” he said.

Having lost the first star, Sabrina moved onto the second section of the course. She quickly touched the rail twice more which caused Stuart to squirm after the shocks and the bugs that continued to fall.

Getting into her stride she narrowly missed the second star and touched the rail for the third time and they lost their second star. A disappointed Sabrina said “I’m scared to even move to even move my legs. This is so bloody hard.”

Conscious she was dressed as a bumble bee, Sabrina asked Stuart how she looked and he said “you’re looking good from here.”

On third section, Sabrina had to navigate over a log whilst still attempting not to touch the rail which her antenna’s. She had a shaky start and touched it twice causing Stuart to receive another two shocked and have gunge and green ants poured over him. An uncomfortable Stuart said “Oh my god the ants hurt”. But Sabrina reached the star and won their first meal for camp.

Having reached the fourth section Sabrina hit the rail once, but then successfully navigated the star and won a further two meals for camp.

On their last section Sabrina was distracted after being stung by a wasp and hit the rail three consecutive times. A disgruntled Stuart received another three shocks and more green ants poured onto him.

A disappointed Stuart and Sabrina returned to camp and the pair were consoled by their camp mates after they revealed they had only won three meals out of a possible seven.

But Gino was more interested in finding out if anything happened between Stuart and Sabrina whilst they were alone in the jungle.

Getting straight to the point Gino whispered to Sabrina, “Did you do any kissing or what?”

Sabrina “No. Gino you’re such a trouble maker. We were so disappointed that we got three stars that’s all we were talking about on the way back.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!