I’m A Celebrity 2013: Rebecca Adlington to consider cosmetic surgery after remarking, “I’m not pretty!”

by Lynn Rowlands
rebecca adlington i'm a celebrity 2013

rebecca adlington

Fans of I’m A Celebrity will know that during a conversation with fellow campers Amy Willerton and Lucy Pargeter about Amy’s modelling career, Olympic swimming champ Rebecca Adlington burst into tears and sobbed to Laila Morse, “Amy will never know what it’s like not to be beautiful.”

Rebecca went on to explain that she’s been bullied and abused over her appearance all of her life, and though EastEnders star Laila pointed out that she has an amazing talent – while Amy has only superficial attractiveness – Rebecca wasn’t overly consoled.

And this week, during an interview with The Times, Rebecca has revealed that she would consider having cosmetic surgery.

She said, “Every day I look in the mirror and go, ‘God, I’m not pretty’.

“I’ve got a very big nose. That’s what most of the negative comments on Twitter are about – my nose.

“People say, ‘Oh God you look like a dolphin’, or ‘I didn’t realise they let whales into the Olympics, but at least you should be able to swim faster with a nose like that’.”

rebecca adlington i'm a celebrity

She added, “I’ll always be insecure and I will always look in the mirror and wish I was a pretty girl.

“I was never one of those girls that got any attention. It never really bothered me because it was my swimming that gave me confidence.”

Earlier this month, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Rebecca said of her insecurities about her appearance, “I think it’s part of being a woman…

“I think a lot of, even men have insecurities, everyone is insecure about things and it’s something that has definitely been a bit of a struggle for myself.

“I know I’m not the prettiest of people so of course I’m going to be insecure and especially when people comment on things.

“It just happened that a topic came up about it and it does make me sad, it does get to me…

rebecca adlington, amy willerton, i'm a celebrity

“It does obviously bother me so I couldn’t help but shed the tears unfortunately.”

Here’s a reminder of her time in camp…

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