I’m a Celebrity 2013 Results: Who Left? Alfonso Ribeiro or Annabel Giles?

by Nick Barnes

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This evening Annabel Giles booked herself a one way ticket out of the Australian outback and into a swanky, 5* hotel as she became the first contestant to be eliminated from the I’m a Celebrity… jungle!

Annabel was of course the last celebrity to enter the jungle just over one week ago and she has struggled every step of the way. She spent a night in a horrible venue with Vincent Simone and then she lost a task and had to spend another night in the cold.

It’s safe to say that she didn’t deal very well with the bugs in camp, especially throughout the immunity task on tonight’s show. In her exit interview with Ant & Dec, she said that she endured the five minutes in the crate as she thought she would win a star and a half regardless of wether she had finished the maze or not… erm…hello?

When asked how she was feeling about being the first out, she said: “I feel a bit like the most unpopular girl in the school, but maybe I am? I’m first out and someone has to do it, so it had to be me”.

“It was a lot harder! There’s all sorts of things you don’t see an in hours show and it’s really quite tough,” she said about how tough it was in camp “I just thought it was celebrities moaning away but it is a lot tougher than you see”.

annabel giles, vincent simone, i'm a celeb

Of course, as we saw in the crate immunity task on this evening’s show, Annabel really struggled with the bugs and the task, but she got through the full five minutes.

She explained: “I don’t know where this fear of bugs comes from. I just couldn’t work out the sequence, my head was so banging away in panic, I couldn’t work out the maze. I’m just a bit thick, I think. I am so slow that if I thought you stayed in for 5 minutes, you would get a star and a half. To say I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here wasn’t an option”.

We saw on this evening’s show that Amy said Annabel really wanted the immunity, speaking of the statement, she said: “I was still in for playing the game as I was only in there for a week. I never said that I wanted to leave or that I wanted to go out. I don’t think it was a genuine misunderstanding and you find signs that it isn’t a level playing field and you find Amy is playing a game.

“I think it’s because I’m on to her. She carries a massive hand bag with her wherever she goes and we suspect that it’s full of cosmetics… the areas of manipulation and I tried to get her to do the washing up one night and she took high offence”.

Going on to her fellow camp mates, she said: “Matthew is huge in camp, he is very outspoken and I like that. I like people that say things as they see them”.

Finally, she said that she wants the final to be between Joey and Kian. She added that Kian would benefit the most from the step-up to move him into something else.

Nick Barnes

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