I’m A Celebrity 2015: Which reality TV star claims he’s bedded Ferne McCann AND Vicky Pattison?

by Anna Howell

We all knew that subject of Charlie Sims would come up between Ferne McCann and Vick Pattison at some point during this year’s I’m A Celebrity, and now the man in question has hinted that when it does, it will be explosive.

As we have previously reported, Ferne and Vicky were far from the best of friends before entering the jungle together earlier this month, which was because Ferne was not impressed with the fact that Vicky had ‘dated’ her long-term ex, Charlie, but having been thrown together as newcomers from the start, the pair have put aside any previous issues and actually developed quite a close bond.

But that could be about to change!

im a celeb ferne vicky shower

Both Vicky and Charlie have always insisted that nothing happened between them, but Ferne has always suspected this is not true, and now Charlie has reportedly confirmed that she is right!

According to the former TOWIE star, Ferne will not be able to pass up the opportunity to confront Vicky over her suspicions, and thinks that when she does, and Vicky admits the truth, Ferne will not be happy!

Sims apparently told the Daily Mirror:

“There was nothing wrong with Vicky but I will come clean – there was more to what happened with us than just the kiss she spoke about.

“I keep expecting Ferne to ask Vicky what really happened with me and her.

“Knowing her, she’ll be ­desperate to ask but unless it’s been edited out it will only be a matter of time before she brings it up.

“And she will kick off.”


But should Ferne avoid the elephant in the room to keep jungle life as peaceful as possible, Charlie has very kindly shared every last detail of his encounter with Vicky, from the moment they met in Ibiza, during a time when Charlie was still with Ferne and already cheating on her with another woman, to them arranging to hook up in London when they got back, after Charlie and Ferne had split, where Vicky apparently made the first move, showering him with kisses in the back of a taxi!

But that’s not all, Charlie (who has no reason whatsoever to embellish the truth of this story in order to get his name in the papers) then went on to reveal that Vicky wanted more than just that one night with him, as he explains:

“Vicky made it sound like she was after a relationship.

“She said to me, ‘I came out of a relationship six months ago and I’m ready for another one.’”

Charlie, however, knew the very next morning that this was “just going to be the once” as he did not feel the same “physical connection” that he did with Ferne, and so just let the fling “fizzle out!”

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Which is good as Charlie ended up getting back together with Ferne, who he admits to being a bit vague about the whole thing to.

But despite all this history, Charlie believes that once Vicky and Ferne have had it out about him, they will end up being very good friends, as they both, in his opinion, are in the game for the fame!

As for which of the two alpha-females will triumph in the jungle, Charlie is rooting for Ferne, but thinks that Vicky could have the edge, as he explains:

“Vicky seems to care less about everything. Ferne loves her lovely bed with nice covers and she’s big on her duvet and ­pillows.”

And he thinks that Ferne might reach breaking point over a fellow contestant:

“She’s being very genuine in the jungle but she will eventually explode if Lady C keeps going on.”

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As for a fight between Ferne and Vicky over Charlie, it would seem that Vicky has well and truly moved on from her brief encounter with the former TOWIE star as her secret lover has revealed he will be waiting for her when she comes out of the jungle!

According to another report in the Daily Mirror, Vicky got together with her former Ex on the Beach co-star, Joss Mooney, just a few days before flying out to take part in I’m A Celebrity.

But despite the very new nature of this new relationship, Joss has sent a rather stern warning to any potential love rivals on the show!

The MTV star has been explaining to the publication that he was “relieved” when Spencer Matthews left the jungle as he thought “something could have happened there” adding:

“Maybe I should run into the jungle like Tarzan and tell them to keep their hands off my woman!”

joss mooney

According to Mooney, he and Vicky have always had a “soft spot” for each other, despite the fact that after they last attempted a relationship Vicky declared that Joss was “s**t in bed”, something that he laughs off whilst insisting they are very happy being back together now.

As for her I’m A Celebrity stint, Joss has admitted that he is so convinced that Vicky will win he has put money on it, which will come in handy as he is considering flying out to Australia to surprise her when she leaves the show!

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here continues tonight at 9pm on IV1 / ITV1 HD.