Katie Price ‘Why I left I’m A Celebrity’

by Lisa McGarry


Katie Price has been chatting about why she decided to walk out of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity. The glamour model admitted that she missed her kids terribly whilst in camp and also found it hard to watch Stuart Manning flirt with campmate Sabrina Washington, as it reminded her of her love affair with Peter Andre.

Katie said:

‘My number one reason for leaving was I missed the kids so much I will never ever leave them again for this long, although it’s a week before I leave here I have Skype and can see and talk to them. Although I didn’t show it on there, I kept it in

‘Also, the whole place reminded me of Pete from the moment I woke up, the afternoon to the moment I went to sleep, every second it was Pete, Pete, Pete and although they were amazing, happy memories, I had in there I’d lie there and think those good memories are way gone but then I was still there with constant reminders of Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete.

‘It was hard to deal with before I went in there, I thought I’ll walk in there and either break down or deal with the closure. I walked in and they (the other celebrities) all welcomed me and it was so ironic that I had the same bed as last time; nobody wanted it because the bonfire smokes over it.

‘That was really, really hard to deal with because waking up in the mornings I’d wake up and look over and think Peter’s going to be there and then I’d be like, course Pete’s not going to be there, I’m not with Pete any more.

‘I said to myself, I’m not going to talk about Pete and the last 7 months and what’s happened but people asked me questions. Pete helped me through it last time, this time no-one was there to help me through it, I was having closure but some of the reminders…it was cruel to do it to myself so I just didn’t want to stay there.

‘I have no regrets it’s the best thing I have done in the last 7 months it was a test to see how emotionally strong I was. We met on TV and it was something I had to do and I’m so grateful I got that opportunity.

‘I don’t regret leaving I had a great big grin on my face when I walked over the bridge.

‘I’m not saying they are a couple but I found watching Stuart and Sabrina flirting hard because I thought that’s how people saw me and Pete, I couldn’t bear to see another love story happen under my nose where I had an amazing journey for six years. With any reality show people will always pair up because of me and Pete, but you can’t repeat a real love story and that was Katie and Peter, it was true love and that’s why it was so sad.

‘I did enjoy the experience it’s a weird one why I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it because it kind of torture to myself. It was like, its as if that is the punishment I needed. Not that I needed punishment but its like all what happened its like I really got it in there like with the trials, the emotional. I felt like I was punished in there.

‘I’m not saying anyone punished me but I felt to myself this is a real big test to myself to see how strong I am. I can’t explain, only I would know, I can’t rally explain. So the whole experience was very weird and emotionally up and down. Although I didn’t show it.

‘It’s made me realise I can’t satisfy anyone else I have to satisfy myself. Life is too short. I thought about the year, all the people that have died and I’m not going to be a yes, yes, yes, person. I may be a product but I’m not going to be pulled here, there and everywhere. I’ve got to realise it’s me, my kids.

‘At the end of the day take everything away all what’s left would be me and my kids, my family and friends. And that is worth more to me than big houses, cars, money because you’ve always got that unit. I found out, it was important before but it’s made me realise that’s so much more important to me than anything.’

Hear more from Katie on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Coming Out show, on ITV1 on December 7 at 9pm.

Lisa McGarry

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