Peter Foster For I’m A Celebrity 2009?

peter Foster

Proving that the stock of celebrities willing to appear on reality TV shows is running low, conman Peter Foster says that he has been asked to appear on this year’s I’m A Celebrity series.

Foster was involved in a scandal involving Cherie Blair and the purchase of two flats whilst Tony Blair was still PM. He says that ITV want him to spill the beans on the former leader whilst in the jungle.

Foster told The Sun:

“Discretion is NOT my middle name.”

“The Blairs should be concerned over ‘Cheriegate’. I’ve never been known to be discreet at the best of times and stuck in the jungle chewing on eucalyptus leaves all day … well, anything can happen.

“It’ll be easy to forget the cameras are there and to say something outrageous.”

The fraudster is currently on bail in Austrailia but is begging authorities to let him take part in the show.

He said:

“I’ve told them they can see exactly where I am 24/7 so they won’t need to worry about me doing a runner.”

“I’ve been in 16 jails in six countries. I’m the perfect guy to get locked up in the I’m A Celebrity camp. I’m in it to win it. It’s a great opportunity. I can be this year’s David Van Day – the guy people love to hate.”

Former glamour girl Sam Fox is also rumoured to be jungle bound, the pair dated in the 80’s and 90’s.

Foster said: “She was the love of my life and I think I was the love of hers. After me, she turned lesbian so she either thought she’d had the best and there was no point seeing another man – or I was a complete s*** and turned her off men for life.”

“If Sam and I aren’t swinging off the vines after a week I’ll hang up my loincloth.

“On behalf of my fellow red-blooded Australians I’ll do all I can to bring her back to the ways of man and woman.”

He added: “My girlfriend knows I’m a highly-sexed, highly-charged individual. She’ll understand.”

Lisa McGarry

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