Alex Reid begs for Chantelle Houghton back via a cringe-worthy public video

by Anna Howell


Alex Reid has recorded a public video to get his estranged fiancée, Chantelle Houghton to take him back, whilst blaming her for their problems, stating the main one being that she tells the world their business (and this video is doing what exactly Alex?)

Chantelle finally came to her senses and kicked the cross-dressing cage fighter out of their home last week after he violently kicked down the door of their family home, resulting in police being called and arresting him.

This incident was the latest in a long line of many issues for the couple, with the turbulent nature of their relationship resulting in Houghton, who gave birth to Reid’s daughter, Dolly, three months ago, sleeping on the floor of her unfurnished flat, on two separate occasions, whilst pregnant!

We reported yesterday how the new single mum had revealed in her new! Magazine column that she was finding life without Reid hard since the split, and in retaliation Reid has released this cringey video plea to her.

In the video, featured in the Sun online today, the former chew toy of Katie Price can be seen telling former Celebrity Big Brother winner, Chantelle: “let’s sort this out!”

“Chantelle I love you, and I really love Dolly and I really want us to work, but things really have to change.

“I’m talking today because I love you and I love Dolly and I want it to work.

“And there’s been so many untruths said and I feel that if I don’t say something it’s just going to get worse and worse.

“Things have to change, you can’t keep venting your anger on me in your [magazine] column.

“It’s not helping, I’m trying to work this out and you’re, you’re … every couple argues but you don’t need to talk about it and tell the world our problems.

“I know you love me, I hope you love me. Let’s sort this out.”

Speaking to Now magazine, Reid, whose cross-dressing alter-ego, Roxanne, is said to be one of the main reasons for the couples issues, said he felt “really upset” and “betrayed” after Houghton, phoned the police on him:

“I texted Chantelle two hours beforehand to tell her I was coming home.

“I rang the doorbell and knocked for five minutes. I called her, she didn’t answer. So I sent her a text message saying, ‘I will knock the door down’.

“Out of sheer frustration I booted the door. It just came off.”

According to Alex his act was one of desperation due to the fact that his daughter was un-well and had a doctor’s appointment the following morning (we are sure the sound of doors being kicked in and police sirens would have really helped her recovery), and is ridiculously surprised that Chantelle then called the authorities when he carried out his threats, and forced his way in.

He said: “I got a knock on my door (the one he just kicked in). Chantelle was upstairs with Dolly and I purposely stayed downstairs. All of a sudden there were two policemen standing there.

“Then six more turned up and told me they were going to arrest me.”

But according to Reid, who has also won Celebrity Big Brother, Chantelle then immediately regretted her decision, and even tried to make it up to him in bed later that night.

He said: “Chantelle was crying and telling them not to arrest me. She’s irrational. But it was too late.

“I was in shock and really upset. I just felt so betrayed by her. I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s totally crazy.”

He revealed: “We slept in the same bed. She wanted to hug me, but I wouldn’t let her. The next night I melted a bit and let her.”

Chantelle’s spokesperson told Now: “Chantelle’s deeply saddened that, just a week after their split, Alex is more interested in selling his story and publicly fabricating lies than taking responsibility for his own actions and his daughter.”