Alex Reid begs Katie Price for second chance


Alex Reid is reportedly begging Katie Price to take him back, after she kicked him out yesterday.

Katie Price was reportedly upset by the constant revelations about Alex’s past, as well as being devastated by the finalisation of her divorce from Peter Andre.

A family friend told The Sun: “Katie likes Alex, but she doesn’t love him.

“She is also sick to death of his past secrets – she went berserk over the ladyboy.

“But she also does not want to be single – she can’t stand it and she needs someone to constantly be there for her.

“Deep down she is incredibly insecure.”

The source added: “Alex was very upset. She has told him they’ll work at the relationship, but he needs to slow down. He is always telling her he loves her and it’s just too soon after her split with Pete.”

Alex’s dad Bob said: “He is fine, he is staying with us for a few days.

“He and Katie have not split up, he would have told me if they had.”

Lisa McGarry

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