Alex Reid turns chicken and pulls out of the ‘Fight Of His Life’

As was predicted yesterday, Alex Reid has pulled out of ‘the fight of his life’ against Tom ‘Kong’ Watson.

The cage fighter has been filmed preparing for the showdown in a Bravo TV show, but jetted off to Egypt for a holiday just weeks before the fight was scheduled to take place.

Ton Watson broke the news on his website today and blasted Reid saying:

Watson wrote: “It is now officially true, my fears have become reality…Alex Reid has pulled out of the fight with me on May 15th.

“I was informed almost two weeks ago that Alex was complaining of a knee injury and was asking for the fight date to be moved.

“BAMMA asked to have their doctor examine Alex to which he refused and stated that it was no problem, he was definitely going to fight in May.

“He then proceeded to do many public interviews (This Morning) and press to promote his show, The Fight of His Life.

“At this point BAMMA wanted to try and line up a replacement but after Alex had publicly done such press for the fight CPL chose to air the programme on Bravo this Monday to eventually coincide with the fight in May. This convinced everyone involved including myself that Alex would be fighting.

“Alex then decides to take a holiday to Egypt for a week just four weeks out from the fight. I found this very strange and questioned his intentions, as did BAMMA. He then again told BAMMA, CPL and Virgin Media he was going to fight. Upon BAMMA constantly questioning his lack of dedication, Alex’s representatives (his lawyer) stated that he is just not in shape and is not prepared enough to fight.

“From my perspective, I am so angry at the way he has disrespected me in his behaviour. I fought and signed to MFC in February and won quickly with a KO so could have fought immediately in March, April or also on the MFC on May 7th. He has shown no concern for the money I have spent travelling back and forth and in camp for this fight.

“My cornerman for May has a medical issue which means he has to paid out of his own pocket to fly first class from Canada for May. All of this money I’m sure Alex has no concern for now he is living off his celebrity wife but for me as a fighter trying to make enough money just to be able to eat and pay my rent I am seriously out of pocket.

“BAMMA have been great offering to pay my fight purse for the fight but this does not represent who I am. I do not wish to collect a purse for doing nothing, I have already sold just over £12k worth of tickets for the fight and do not wish to let these people down.

“Sure many of them will want refunds from BAMMA which they will get, but what about the fans I have that have already booked hotels, flights and like me scheduled their life to fit around this date? I am now working with BAMMA and my management to bring in a top American opponent last minute. I just wish I’d had more time to prepare for whoever that style may be but hey this is what REAL FIGHTERS do.

“Enjoy your new lifestyle and fame Mr Reid because I’m sure its not only me but many other people now who categorise you as a complete JOKE with no class to just stand up and be a man.”


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!