Alex Reid WILL Fight Tom ‘Kong’ Watson

Alex Reid will reportedly fight Tom ‘Kong’ Watson, despite pulling out of a scheduled fight earlier this month.

Reid and Watson had been due to go head-to-head in a BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts) clash on May 15, but Watson announced on his website a few weeks ago that the event was cancelled. He blamed an inury and said that doctors had ordered him not to continue training for the battle.

Tom blasted the reality TV star on his own website saying:

Watson wrote: “It is now officially true, my fears have become reality…Alex Reid has pulled out of the fight with me on May 15th.

“I was informed almost two weeks ago that Alex was complaining of a knee injury and was asking for the fight date to be moved.

“BAMMA asked to have their doctor examine Alex to which he refused and stated that it was no problem, he was definitely going to fight in May.

“He then proceeded to do many public interviews (This Morning) and press to promote his show, The Fight of His Life.

“At this point BAMMA wanted to try and line up a replacement but after Alex had publicly done such press for the fight CPL chose to air the programme on Bravo this Monday to eventually coincide with the fight in May. This convinced everyone involved including myself that Alex would be fighting.

“Alex then decides to take a holiday to Egypt for a week just four weeks out from the fight. I found this very strange and questioned his intentions, as did BAMMA. He then again told BAMMA, CPL and Virgin Media he was going to fight. Upon BAMMA constantly questioning his lack of dedication, Alex’s representatives (his lawyer) stated that he is just not in shape and is not prepared enough to fight.”

However sources now report that Alex has rescheduled the fight for September but do you think he’ll actually go through with the battle? We are doubtful but leave your comments below!


Lisa McGarry

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