Alex Reid’s rape scene to be cut from ‘Killerbitch’ movie

A movie starring Alex Reid will reportedly have its most violent scenes cut before it is approved for general release.

The sickening ‘Killerbitch’ (which may be renamed Killerbabe) is said to feature sexually explicit scenes including one where Alex’s character strips down co-star Yvette Rowland and attempts to rape her. The victim supposedly ends up enjoying the experience.

A movie insider told The News Of The World: “They are looking at making cuts to the scenes Alex is involved in, which many on the film find unfair as the storyline is very hard hitting and realistic.

“It was an aggressive rape scene but the woman ends up supposedly enjoying it. Alex didn’t have any qualms about being naked in front of everyone.

“It was all very aggressive and he was really throwing himself into the role, grunting furiously.”

“Aside from that there are some other violent scenes. Reid also gets a thumping from other real life hardmen.

“Some of Alex’s scenes will make the final cut and we’re all hoping some of the rape scene makes it.

“But it’s the only scene that the BBFC are scrutinising.”

Sources close to Katie price have claimed that she is less than pleased that Alex was involved in such a graphic film and no doubt is hoping that many of his starring moments are cut from the final dvd.

A source added: “Many people who worked on the film fear it is too violent for release.

“Alex’s fight scenes are all in the film, and not subject to cutting. They are very brutal scenes, especially a fight with Alex and ‘Stormin’ Norman Buckland, the new Guv’nor of unlicensed British boxing and former bare-knuckle champion. It was a real heavy duty fight, regardless of the camera being present.

“We are awaiting the BBFC decision on Monday. If the film gets the all-clear it will revert back to its original title of Killerbitch, after reverting to Killerbabe to appease a retailer.”

Lisa McGarry

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