Amy Winehouse’ ex Reg Traviss on the hell he’s endured over rape allegation

by Lynn Rowlands


Reg Traviss, who was of course dating tragic singer Amy Winehouse in the weeks before her death, has revealed the hellish time he’s had since being accused of rape by a woman he once thought of as a friend.

Speaking out after being found not guilty of raping the unnamed woman, Reg told The Sun, “When Amy died I thought I couldn’t reach a lower ebb.

“I’m reluctant to say it, but when this came up I don’t think I ever have, or ever will, feel so low.”

Reg’s brother Richard, who owns a nightclub where CCTV footage that was to prove vital in proving Reg’s innocence was recorded, also spoke to the paper about his brother’s ordeal.

He said, “The CCTV made all the difference. Imagine if we hadn’t had it? It would have been one word against another.”

The paper adds, “At his trial, jurors were told Reg’s alleged victim was ‘so drunk she couldn’t stand up or walk — and was experiencing blackouts and memory loss’.”

Her lawyers claimed that it was while his client was in this state that Reg raped her. However, the CCTV footage showed the ‘victim’ walking unaided and clearly “steady on her feet”.

Reg said of the footage and the woman’s false allegation, “They said CCTV footage would show her stumbling around drunk.

“But I have a clear memory of that night and knew that simply wasn’t the case.

“The CCTV showed clearly that she was walking without any help whatsoever, in a pair of high heels.

“She even held open an 11ft glass door at the end of the night without falling over. I struggle to open that door.

“She put her arm around me and you can see the doormen saying goodnight.

“In her evidence she said it was daylight when we left at 8am — but you can see that just simply wasn’t true.”

Reg added, “They were more than lies — it is one of the worst things you can say about a man.

reg traviss“This was a girl I thought of as a friend. I had known her since 2007. We met at a gig, had mutual friends and had kept in touch.

“We had seen each other on and off and had kept in contact by text.

“She had waited over a month to make a complaint to the police. I just couldn’t understand why.”

He added, “The woman who gave evidence wasn’t the woman I knew. She was aggressive and angry and completely different to the person I thought I knew.”

“How do I feel about her now? I have no emotions towards her at all. I am blank.”

Reg concluded, “It was absolute torture being locked in a glass box in court listening to shocking lies being said about you.

“I just couldn’t believe I was so close to my life being over — and I had done nothing wrong.
My family, colleagues, friends are all gone if that mud sticks.

“Let’s face it, allegations like this aren’t like nicking a loaf of bread or getting a speeding ticket. The stakes do not get any higher.

“I feel genuinely sorry for the true victims of rape. This is a disgusting insult to them, one of the most vile crimes.

“I have really strong views on sex offenders — and there I was defending myself in that arena. This is a high-profile case of someone being wrongfully accused.

“I sincerely hope it won’t deter the true victims of sexual assault from coming forward.”

Thank goodness they had that CCTV footage. It’s horrifying how viciously some people will lie.

Here’s a news report about Reg’s trial…


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