Did Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes call it a day? And The Wanted have “big news” coming in the New Year

by Nick Barnes
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Nathan Sykes Ariana Granda

The last few weeks have been a testing time for The Wanted after rumours began to circulate that they were on the verge of being dropped from their record label. Not only that, it has been reported that Ariana Grande’s relationship with Nathan Sykes was on its way out…

However, it has today been reported by Us Weekly that Sykes & Grande are no more as they’ve called time on their relationship after just a few weeks…

There’s been no official statement from either parties management, so we’re still holding on to the little hope we have left that the source isn’t true.

Us Weekly reported that “Nariana is no more” as the pair “just weren’t into it anymore” – WHAT?

An insider fessed up that the novelty had simply worn off and the spark had failed to blossom into a beautiful flame. Apparently, the couple “hardly ever saw each other” but also “needed some time apart”. Wait, let’s just break that statement down. They never saw each other. But, they needed time apart. Is there something I’m not quite grasping with that?

Whether they’ve split for good or not is a completely different story and until we get confirmation from Camp Nariana, we’re going to take it with a whole truck load of salt.

The Wanted

Elsewhere, The Wanted have some MASSIVE news coming our way in the new year, and we don’t think it has anything to do with a press release stating they’ve been dropped by their record label.

Unfortunately, we’ve not been given any hints as to what it may be, but we reckon it could be a new music announcement or even a new tour announcement. Who knows!

The lads announced the news on their official Twitter page as they (or their HQ, more likely) wrote: “Big news in the new year coming. Excited to share. Happy holidays”.

The thought of massive news may be a relief to some fans after rumours that they may be getting dropped due to poor ticket sales for their tour and also poor album sales.

We wonder, what could 2014 bring for the lads of The Wanted? Let us know your ideas, below.

Nick Barnes

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