Ashley Cole will give Cheryl whatever she wants

Ashley Cole has reportedly assured estranged wife Cheryl Cole that she can take whatever she wants from their home.

In a bid to convince the X Factor judge that he is truly sorry for his transgressions with other women, Ashley is said to have promised her there will be no dispute over material items.

A source told The Mirror: “Ashley is going to any lengths to prove to Cheryl that she means more to him than anything. He wants her to know he is deeply sorry for what he has done.

“He has said she can have whatever she wants or needs – and that includes any sentimental gifts or presents.”

The insider added: “Cheryl hasn’t yet got to the point where she wants to split hairs over their assets. She has taken down their wedding pictures because it upsets her too much to see them.

“But she is feeling too emotionally raw at the moment to rake over their assets – it all feels too clinical.”

Lisa McGarry

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