Benefits Street’s White Dee to escape fans by moving into a £40k CARAVAN & she’s ‘inundated’ with lucrative telly offers

white dee benefits street

white dee benefits street

When Benefits Street premiered on Channel 4 earlier this year, it came with its fair share of controversy from viewers, MP’s and more so from the residents of James Turner Street.

But, one ‘star’ of the show that it has had a huge effect on is White Dee – real name Deirdre Kelly as she’s apparently been offered a whole host of lucrative TV opportunities on the back of the show.

Kelly was spotted out and about earlier this week looking at caravans, and it is said that she’s going to be buying a new place to try and get away from ‘fans’ of the show who keep banging on her door every day. She recently claimed that at least FIFTY people can knock on her door in one day. At least she’s busy, I suppose…

Dee’s agent Barry Thomas has said that she is being ‘inundated’ with lucrative TV deals and she needs her own little place where she can go to think and get away from the anarchy of James Turner Street. Wouldn’t it just be better to move away from the street?

Kelly’s agent said that he wouldn’t think twice about buying Dee a £40,000 caravan as he knows he will get every penny of it back as there’s so much work lined up for Dee at the moment.

white dee benefits street 2

“It’s got pretty hectic on the street and she needs a bit of space to gather her thoughts so we thought a caravan would be perfect. Why shouldn’t I buy my favourite client a caravan? I’d buy a singer a recording studio”.

He likened Dee’s deals to that of a recording artist as he said that you could sink £50,000 on producing a single for an artist with no guarantee of getting the investment back, but he knows that he’s going to get a lot of return from Dee as there’s “more offers for work than most successful artists”.

However, her caravan isn’t going to be situated anywhere near James Turner Street as Dee apparently loves Devon and Cornwall, but she’d also be willing to go to the likes of Bridgnorth or Shropshire.

Shockingly, Barry went off on a tangent and said that most of his artists were in benefits, and he’s repped the likes of Right Said Fred, The Saturdays and Lulu.

“A third of the artists I represent are on benefits so what White Dee is doing isn’t anything unusual. People think that because you are on telly you automatically make thousands of pounds. But, in reality usually all you get is a car to pick you up and then a free cup of tea,” he admitted.

But, Dee could have a bit of money in her back pocket if the rumours of a Celebrity Big Brother appearance later this year are true!

What’s your take on White Dee being offered ‘lucrative’ TV deals now that she’s found ‘fame’ (and I use the word loosely) on Benefits Street?

Nick Barnes

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