Big Brother 2013: Joe Glenny doesn’t want to be the “d**k head” that refers to himself as a “Big Brother contestant” and Gina Rio is so over nominations



Some Big Brother contestants are proud of their time on the reality TV show as it opens doors for some of them and they get their five minutes of fame, but Joe Glenny has a different attitude to it.

Speaking about life after the show in the bedroom, Joe tells Dexter Koh that if you refer to yourself as a “media personality” or “BB Contestant 2013” then you’re a “d**k head”. Right, so Joe went into the house just for the experience and doesn’t want to refer to it? Whatevs…

Joe tells Dexter: “I am tempted not to even write BB contestant when I leave here because it makes it sound like that’s all I have done in my life. That really annoys me on Twitter when people say that, BB Contestant 2013, or the ones that say TV Personality.”

Dexter tells him: “I did have media personality”.

Joe has some wise words for him: “There is a word for you if you have done that it starts with ‘d**k’ and ends in ‘head.’ Coming on here opens you up for, one, different worlds that you would never know about, entertainment world things that in normal life you wouldn’t need. As a check-out boy you are not going to need an agent…Jack keeps on saying we will go back to normal life when we leave this and I have had to explain to him that normal life won’t be normal life anymore, it will be a bit different.”


Well… either that or Joe is being a pretentious little brat.

Meanwhile, Gina keeps it real in the Diary Room as she tells Big Brother she is so over being up for eviction.

It could be seen that Gina doesn’t care because she knows she’s the current favourite to win the show, from last week’s popularity ranking task… or it could just be Gina’s flawless attitude.

She tells Big Brother: “Dexter keeps saying to me you are not going to be up this week I can tell, I can feel it. But I don’t really care if I am up anyway, because it is the process. It’s Big Brother, everyone knows Big Brother. I think that people take it to heart when they are up for eviction but come on they know what they signed up for. I think that we are all used to it. Dexter and I are certainly used to packing every week. It is a joke.”

She’s so hip!

Nick Barnes

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